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990x Dice Win Adds 297 SC to Player’s Coin Balance

13 Mar 2024
Leon Travers 13 Mar 2024
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  • player collects 297 Stake Cash (SC) with beautiful 990x Dice win
  • The player bet on the roll being over 99.90, with the result showing a roll of 99.95
  • According to’ real-time player count feature, Dice is the most popular game at this social casino
  • Dice or Limbo - which one is better?
There’s no better feeling than landing a big win from a small bet. I’m certain this unknown player would concur with this, as their 0.30 SC play bagged 297 Stake Cash after a cool 990x Dice win.

High-Risk Strategy Pays Off With 990x Dice Win

There are multiple strategies available to Dice players. Lots of people adopt a low-risk style of play, keeping the payouts around 2.00x (even money). However, other players are more adventurous, preferring to take a more high-risk approach.

That was clearly the intention of this player. The cost per play was a moderate 0.30 SC. Considering that new players who register with our promo code can receive up to 55 SC in their first month, it provides some context as to how affordable this wager was.

With the 0.30 SC play amount set, the player entered a 990x multiplier, which meant the outcome needed to be over 99.90. The result was 99.95, confirming a win of 297 Stake Cash. An excellent return for a small bet.

The Most Popular Stake Original - Dice Social Casino boasts more than 600 games. It has top-rated video slots from award-winning software developers, including Hacksaw Gaming and Pragmatic Play. Also, there are live dealer tables with favorites like blackjack and roulette among the options available.

So, how come a simple, no thrills Dice game that was developed in-house is played more than any other?

As with all Stake Originals, Dice is provably fair. This technology gives players the ability to check the results of every round they play. Why is this a big deal? Because it proves the games are fair and not rigged.

The RTP is 99%. If you’re looking for value, you get it with games like Dice. The 99% RTP means that, on average, the game pays 99 SC for every 100 SC put in. offers flexible gameplay. Players can wager on any multiplier (win) between the ranges of 1.0102x and 9,990x. Therefore, you can adjust the gameplay to match the risk you are comfortable with.

Dice vs Limbo - Which is Better? Dice and Limbo are similar games in that players select the multiplier they would like to win.
Dice offers the flexibility for players to choose the ROLL OVER or ROLL UNDER bet, whereas Limbo only has one option (OVER).

Yet, the biggest difference, and the reason why I prefer Limbo is the multiplier win potential. On Dice, the lowest multiplier is 1.0102x compared to 1.01x for Limbo. However, at the high-risk end, the most you can win on Dice is 9,990x, but Limbo has a maximum payout of 1,000,000x. That’s right, you can win over 100x playing Limbo.

If you’re thinking no one ever hits the 1,000,000x payout, you’d be incorrect. In fact, I covered a news article a few months ago where a player landed this golden payout.
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