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    Learn about which states in US currently have legal online gambling.

    American Online Gambling Guide

    America has had a turbulent history with gambling. In the early 20th century, all forms of gambling were illegal across the states. But economic hardships in the 1930s would convince some locations to give casinos the all clear. And with outstanding results and revenues to show. Today, you will find spectacular, thriving casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

    American online gambling is the next frontier. But once again, history is repeating itself. Calls for legal American online casinos are being met with resistance. 

    Laws like the Federal Wire Act further damage the chances of a countrywide solution. But that hasn't stopped four states from launching ambitious online gambling bills. Below you will find all the states where online gambling is 100% legal and regulated:


    With its iconic casinos and indulgent culture - Nevada online gambling seems like a no-brainer. And yes, internet based gambling is available in the state... But only to play online poker. On top of this, there are only two main brands to choose from. Simply put: online casinos in Nevada are illegal. But why is this?

    No official reason is forthcoming, but many believe its due to the tourism industry. And the sprawling mega casinos that frequent Las Vegas. If an online product were to launch, this could devastate the status quo of land-based casinos. Dismantling a multi-million dollar empire doesn't seem like shrewd business. So for the time being - you won't be able to play your favorite game of online roulette if you're located in Nevada. At least not yet.

    New Jersey

    Atlantic City may play second fiddle to the glistening lights of the Strip. But the state of New Jersey offers something Nevada can't... NJ online casinos! Thanks to a bill in 2013 (which passed after an almost unanimous vote) casinos were able to operate online. The bill did come with some rules however. Only establishments located within Atlantic City could license an online site. Additionally, all the servers and equipment to provide the games needed to be located at the land-based operation.

    Since the passing of the bill, the once ailing NJ casino industry is starting to prosper once again. In 2018, two new land-based operations opened their doors together with their own casino sites. In short; NJ online casinos are a shining example of what American casino lovers can look forward to in the future. 


    PA online casinos are the next big thing in the American gaming scene. A bill passed in 2017 paved the way for online casinos to operate in Pennsylvania. Not only this, but sportsbook, fantasy sports and online lottery were all given the all clear too. 

    It wasn't until July 2019 when the first wave of online casinos went live in the Keystone State. SugarHouse Online Casino PA, Parx Casino PA and Hollywood Casino PA all went live at around the same time.

    In September of the same year, online sports betting also launched in the state. The future is bright for Pennsylvania online gambling - but the high operator taxes will pose a constant challenge.


    Delaware was the first American state to offer online gambling after a bill passed in 2012. In terms of offerings, Delaware online casinos are somewhat limited to three choices. The state offers sports betting, casinos, online slots and even horse racing. 

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