Sugarhouse NJ invites you to the A-MAZE-ING Race ($2,500 top prize!)

Join Sugarhouse NJ for their first-ever A-MAZE-ING Race! There's a $2,500 top plus free spins and bonuses. Learn how to win right here.

Sugarhouse Online Casino invites you to their new A-MAZE-ING Race promotion. Free spins, bonuses and epic cash prizes await those brave enough to best this maze...

PlaySugarHouse is back with another thrilling promotion for New Jersey gamblers. The first-ever A-MAZE-ING Race is now live with top prizes of $2,500 up for grabs. 

But for your chance to win, you are going to have to navigate the maze. And it can feel a little complicated, especially considering there is three parts to the offer. For your chance to win, check out our full promotional guide below.

How to win the A-MAZE-ING Race

First of all, you will need to be a registered member of the Sugarhouse online casino. Click our link below to sign up.

Once you are done, simply complete the following steps. 

Step 1: Wager real money on any of your favourite casino games - With each wager you make, you will accumulate iRush Rewards Loyalty Points. And the number of points collected will earn you wheel spins. Here's a breakdown of the full IRR points earned and the number of spins you will get:

iRR Points
Earn 20 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 1 wheel spins
Earn 40 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 2 wheel spins
Earn 60 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 3 wheel spins
Earn 80 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 4 wheel spins
Earn 100 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins
Earn 200 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins and 1 golden wheel spin
Earn 300 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins and 2 golden wheel spin
Earn 400 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins and 3 golden wheel spin
Earn 500 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins and 4 golden wheel spin
Earn 600 iRush Rewards Loyalty PointsReceive 5 wheel spins and 5 golden wheel spin

Steps 2: Use wheel spins to progress through the maze or earn bonus money - The more steps you take in the maze, the better your potential bonus money or steps reward. More steps means you get closer to the end goal! There's a total of 6 steps that you will find below.

Part of Maze
Steps Needed
Bonus Money
Part 1Earn 100 steps$10 in Bonus Money
Part 2Earn 150 steps (total of 250 steps)$15 in Bonus Money
Part 3Earn 200 steps (total of 450 steps)$20 in Bonus Money
Part 4Earn 250 steps (total of 700 steps)$25 in Bonus Money
Part 5 Earn 500 steps (total of 1,200 steps)$50 in Bonus Money
Part 6Earn 750 steps (total of 1,950 steps)$100 in Bonus Money

Step 3: Complete the maze as fast as you can to win a bonus - The fastest players to complete the maze will get the best bonus rewards. For a better chance at winning, we highly recommend collecting the maximum amount of daily spins to progress through the maze quicker.

Bonus money comes with a 1x wagering requirement - making this an unmissable offer.

1st Place$2,500 in Bonus Money
2nd Place$2,000 in Bonus Money
3rd Place$1,500 in Bonus Money
4th Place$1,000 in Bonus Money
5th Place - 7th Place$500 in Bonus Money
8th Place - 10th Place $250 in Bonus Money
11th Place+$100 in Bonus Money

For more details on the A-MAZE-ING Race at SugarHouse - please see the terms below. Or head over to the site and get exploring.

Terms and Conditions

  • Players must wager real money on casino games on and earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Points based on normal iRush Rewards Earning Rates stated here.
  • Wheel spins will reveal step amounts or Bonus Money Prizes
  • Golden wheel spins will reveal step amounts or Bonus Money Prizes
  • Participants earn rewards for progressing through each part of the maze. Each part of the maze must be completed in consecutive order from Part 1 through Part 6. Progressing through each part of the maze will issue a Bonus Money Prize.
  • First 10 players to progress through the maze the fastest will earn a prize listed in the table above
  • Bonus Money has a 1x playthrough requirement
  • Further terms apply - see site for details

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