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13 Mar 2024
Leon Travers 13 Mar 2024
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  • Wheel is a provably fair Stake Originals game that has different risk levels to suit all players
  • This guide explains how to play Wheel and looks at all the betting options and their respective payouts
  • The maximum payout on Wheel is 49.50x your bet amount
  • Play Stake Wheel with free Stake Cash and gold coins from our exclusive welcome bonus
  • What is Wheel?
  • How to Play Wheel at
  • - Understanding Risk Levels and Payouts
  • Free Wheel with Free Coins
  • Wheel Guide - FAQs
Wheel is a simplistic money wheel game that is inspired by live casino games, such as Dream Catcher, while also having a roulette vibe to it.

What is Wheel?

Wheel is a simple RNG game where players choose their own level of risk and how many segments they want to play.

In some ways, the fundamentals are similar to live casino money wheel games in that players need the wheel to stop in a certain position to win. However, you can adjust the risk so that you have a better chance of winning. Wheel is also akin to single-number bets in roulette, but yet again, there isn’t the need to be so precise (if you don’t want to be). Ultimately, if you like either of those games, Wheel will also suit your tastes.

How to Play Wheel at

Some Stake Originals, including Dice and Limbo, need very little explanation when detailing how to play them. Wheel also drops into that bracket, but it is helpful to understand the risk levels and segments before you play. In total, there are three risk levels and five options for segments, which provide 15 unique betting options.

  • Risk: Low, Medium, or High
  • Number of Segments on the Wheel: 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50

The actual gameplay is straightforward, which adds to its vast appeal. Here's a quick guide to help first-time players get started.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Choose whether you want to play with Stake Cash or gold coins
  3. From the lobby, select Stake Originals followed by Wheel
  4. With the game loaded, enter your bet amount, and choose your Risk and Segments
  5. Finally, click Bet. The result is revealed instantly and you receive a payout in accordance with the paytable (shown below). - Understanding Risk Levels and Payouts

Getting a grasp of how the risk levels and the number of segments affect both the payouts and your chances of winning is integral. You can combine this data with your bankroll management system to find the best strategy for the number of coins you have and your style of play.

Low Risk

The low risk setting is the easiest to understand. There is no change in the payouts and chances of winnings, regardless of how many segments you play.

Along the top row of the table below, you can see that there are three possible payouts for each game round. The data in the center is the chance of winning. 

For instance, when playing with 10 segments, there is a 2 in 10 chance of hitting the 0.00x (lose) multiplier, a 7 in 10 chance of landing the 1.20x payout, and a 1 in 10 chance of getting the 1.50x multiplier.

The percentage chance of winning remains the same for all segments on low risk; however, the winning and losing spaces on the wheel are spread out more when using the 50-segment setting.

10 Segments2/107/101/10
20 Segments4/2014/202/20
30 Segments6/3021/303/30
40 Segments8/4028/404/40
50 Segments10/5035/505/50

Medium Risk

On medium risk, the payouts and chances of winning vary depending on the number of segments, as follows:

10 Segments


20 Segments


30 Segments


40 Segments


50 Segments


High Risk

High risk is essentially all or nothing. In every setting, there is only one winning segment. Therefore, you will lose more than you win. However, the multiplier wins ensure that the game pays out an RTP of 99.00% over the long term.

Lose Multiplier and (chance)
Win Multiplier and (chance)
10 segments0.00x (9/10)9.90x (1/10)
20 segments0.00x (19/20)19.80x (1/20)
30 segments0.00x (29/30)29.70x (1/30)
40 segments0.00x (39/40)39.60x (1/40)
50 segments0.00x (49/50)49.50x (1/50)

Free Wheel with Free Coins

Wheel is a fun game for all players, and it can be very rewarding when you hit a hot streak. At social sweepstakes casino, players can enjoy Wheel with plenty of free coins.

Readers of our review will know that this social casino has two currencies - Stake Cash and gold coins. The former is for promotional play (sweepstakes). 

Winnings generated from play with Stake Cash may be redeemed once the wagering requirements have been cleared. Gold coins are purely for entertainment and fun. They have no real-world value, but they are useful for testing strategies and enjoying yourself.

New players who register with our new promo code can get both of these currencies for free. The current welcome bonus is 25 Stake Cash and 250,000 gold coins. This is yours as soon as you sign up and verify your account and ID details.

The welcome offer alone will keep you playing Wheel for quite some time. However, that’s only the start of the free coins you can get at Other offers include daily login bonuses, prize draws, social media bonuses, post requests, and exclusive website promotions.

Players may also purchase gold coins, with which you get free Stake Cash, but this is optional. is a legit social casino, so it’s free to play here forever. Wheel Guide - FAQs

Is Stake Wheel the same as Roulette?

Very slightly, in that, both games use a wheel. Wheel is a simple win multiplier game. You don’t bet on a particular number. Instead, you receive the payout from the paytable depending on where the wheel stops. Of course, if it lands on 0.00x that means you lose.

What is the RTP of Wheel?

The RTP is 99.0%. This applies to all risk levels. The difference is that you will win fewer times when playing on high risk but the multipliers are larger when you do win.

What is the best Wheel strategy?

There are many strategies that you can try on Wheel. Ultimately, it depends on how much bankroll you have and the level of risk you want to take. You can use betting systems designed around even-money payouts, such as Paroli and Martingale. However, you should test all strategies with gold coins before playing promotional games with Stake Cash.

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