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Non-Bonus Spin Nets Jared FPS 2,464.80 SC at

13 Mar 2024
Leon Travers 13 Mar 2024
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  • 2,464.80 SC win on Starlight Princess 1000 came from a single spin in the base game
  • Jared FPS was playing 3.00 SC a spin when the tumble reels took off with random multipliers to boost the payout
  • The total win multiplier was 821.6x
  • Starlight Princess 1000 is one of 600+ games you can play for free at social casino
  • Starlight Princess 1000 Lights Up The Reels for Big Win
  • Play Starlight Princess 1000 With a Great Registration Bonus
For many, this is the perfect slot game win. streamer Jared FPS was playing at 3 Stake Cash a spin (a realistic bet amount) when he landed a mega 2,464.80 SC win in the base game on Starlight Princess 1000.

Starlight Princess 1000 Lights Up The Reels for Big Win

As one of the most popular social sweepstakes casinos in the United States, has more than its fair share of big winners. However, some high-rollers are playing with hefty amounts of Stake Cash, so you’d expect the larger wins.

This 2,464.80 SC win on Starlight Princess 1000 caught my attention for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the bet size was a moderate 3.00 Stake Cash (SC), which is an amount many players can afford themselves. 

In addition to that, this win came in the base game rather than from a free spins bonus feature. It showcased the potential of Pragmatic Play’s Tumble Reels game mechanic that Starlight Princess 1000 uses. 

With this feature, winning symbols disappear from the reels. This activates the tumbling mechanism, so it’s possible to generate multiple payouts from a single spin, and that’s what happened.

Here’s a breakdown of this spectacular 2,464.80 SC win:

  • Original Spin: 8 Red Orbs paid 30.00 SC, and 8 Gold Hexagons paid 0.75 SC
  • 1st Tumble: 10 Green Square Diamonds paid 3.00 SC
  • 2nd Tumble: 8 Gold Stars paid 4.50
  • 3rd Tumble: 8 Gold Hexagons paid 0.75 SC
  • 4th Tumble: 8 Blue Triangles paid 2.40 SC
  • 5th Tumble: 9 Cresent Moons paid 6.00 SC + a 2x random multiplier appeared
  • 6th Tumble: a 50x random multiplier

The total win at the end of the tumbles was 47.40 SC. This is multiplied by the collective total of the multipliers (52x) to produce a final payout of 2,464.80 Stake Cash (SC).

Play Starlight Princess 1000 With a Great Registration Bonus

Starlight Princess 1000 is a tremendous slot for all players. Essentially, this is an upgraded version of the original Starlight Princess. It has higher random multipliers, and the possible max win has increased from 5,000x to 12,000x - 15,000x. is a legit social casino; therefore, it doesn’t cost a dime to play Starlight Princess 1000, and, yes, it’s still possible to win real crypto prizes.

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