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2 SC Play With 990x Multiplier Produces 1,980 SC Win

13 Mar 2024
Leon Travers 13 Mar 2024
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  • News of a big winner on Stake Originals Dice as player hits stellar 990x multiplier
  • To win, the roll number needed to be higher than 99.90. It was 99.98
  • Dice is one of the most popular games at - verified by the real-time player count feature
  • Play Stake Originals Dice for free with our NEWBONUS promo code
  • Big Gamble Pays Off With Super Return From 2 SC Bet
  • Dice - Simply, A Great Casino Game
  • Play Your Way
  • Play Dice for Free and Win Real Crypto Prizes
Many players like to adopt high-risk Dice strategies, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s news of a majestic 990x multiplier win that led to a 1,980 SC Dice payout.

Big Gamble Pays Off With Super Return From 2 SC Bet

There are many ways to enjoy Stake Originals Dice. Some players use low-risk strategies that bank plenty of wins, whereas others prefer to take the plunge and gamble with much greater multipliers.

The player who bagged this big win is firmly among the latter group of players. He set the win multiplier to 990x, which meant the dice roll needed to be higher than 99.90. Luck was on his side, as the outcome was 99.98. That meant his 2 SC play netted a glorious 1,980 SC Dice win payout.

Dice - Simply, A Great Casino Game

It’s often said the best gambling games are the easiest to play. Of course, ‘best’ is subjective, but based on the real-time player count feature in the lobby, Dice is clearly one of the most played games at this social casino.

Stake Originals Dice uses a virtual 100-sided die, with each whole digit dividable by one hundred. Therefore, the possible outcome of any roll ranges between 0.00 and 100.00. More importantly, players can bet on any win multiplier from the smallest, which is 1.0102x up to the max win of 9,900x. 

Here are a few examples of multipliers and the roll number (either over or under, depending on which side you bet) that you need to win.

Roll Over
Roll Under

Play Your Way

Online slot games are extremely popular because they offer jackpots that are worth thousands of times the amount a player bets. As you can see, so does Stake Dice.

Alternatively, many players love roulette because they can play 1:1 bets and win nearly 50% of the time. Again, this is possible with Stake Dice.

The game is highly flexible, so it can be finely tuned to the precise level of risk a player wants to take. Also, the betting limits start from a fraction of 1 Stake Cash, with the maximum reaching four or five digits. This makes it suitable for every player, regardless of their coin balance.

Play Dice for Free and Win Real Crypto Prizes

New players can join this social casino with our codeNEWBONUS’ and claim an exclusive registration bonus.

Over the first month, you can collect up to 55 free Stake Cash and 550,000 Gold Coins. All of this is yours without making a purchase.

Stake Cash (SC) is the virtual currency you can use to play Dice in promotional sweepstakes mode. Winnings from games using SC can be redeemed (once wagering is complete) for real cryptocurrency prizes. 

In a nutshell, gives players a chance to play free games and win real prizes. Check out our promo code article to find out more about joining.
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