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5,148,297x Mines Max Win Pays Out Over 50K SC

13 Mar 2024
Leon Travers 13 Mar 2024
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  • Mines is the only casino-style game with a win multiplier above 5,000,000x
  • The player bet 0.01 SC and collected a mega win of 51,428.97 SC
  • Stake Originals Mines is exclusive to social casino
  • Use our code - NEWBONUS - to play this incredible game
  • Massive 50,428.97 SC Win As Player Hits Mines Max Multiplier
  • Mines Multiplier Madness
  • How to Play Mines
  • My Mines Strategy tweeted on X that this isn’t something you see every day, and it’s 100% right. With a possible max win of 5,148,297x, Mines is one of the toughest games to conquer. However, this has managed it.

Massive 50,428.97 SC Win As Player Hits Mines Max Multiplier

Mines has long been my favorite Stake Originals game, so hearing news of a max win was special. 
Our player set the game to 13 mines, meaning that there were 12 diamonds hidden on the 25-square board. Of course, with Mines, you can cash out at any point after making a correct pick, or you can continue and go for higher multipliers. 

Clearly, this player was going for the ‘all or nothing’. He (or she) dodged all 13 mines while picking up 12 beautiful green diamonds for a multiplier win of 5,148,297x.

A bet of 0.01 SC (equivalent to 1 cent redemption value) generated a colossal 50,428.97 SC payout, which can be redeemed for $50,428.97 in crypto prizes. It’s simply incredible. Excluding some progressive jackpots, no other social sweepstakes casino game can produce payouts like this.

Mines Multiplier Madness

One of the delights of Mines is that it’s highly flexible in regard to the win multipliers. As mentioned, for this max win, the player had a board of 13 mines and 12 diamonds. These are the multipliers for each diamond.

  • 1 diamond - 2.06x
  • 2 diamonds - 4.50x
  • 3 diamonds - 10.35x
  • 4 diamonds - 25.30x
  • 5 diamonds - 66.41x
  • 6 diamonds - 189.75x
  • 7 diamonds - 600.87x
  • 8 diamonds - 2,163.00x
  • 9 diamonds - 9,193.00x
  • 10 diamonds - 49,031.00x
  • 11 diamonds - 367,737.00x
  • 12 diamonds - 5,148,297.00x - max win

The pressure, tension, and excitement increase dramatically with each correct pick. Although the bet was only 0.01 SC, to gamble a 367,737.00x win up to 5,148,297.00x takes a lot of courage.

How to Play Mines

Like all Stake Originals, Mines is easy to learn and play, which makes it ideal for players of all skill levels.

You can take a look at our complete guide to playing Mines for a detailed analysis of the game. However, if you want to jump in right away, here’s a quick walkthrough to get you started.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select Stake Originals from the menu, then choose Mines
  3. Enter your Bet Amount and set the number of Mines you want on the board
  4. Tap any of the 25 squares to make your first pick
  5. If it’s a diamond, you can cash out or continue by tapping another square
  6. If you reveal a Mine (a bomb symbol), the game is over and you lose


My Mines Strategy

I use two primary Mines strategies, both of which focus on even money (or just above) payouts.

The first is to set the board up with 8 mines, so there are 17 diamonds. My target is to hit two diamonds for a payout of 2.18. The other strategy, because it’s good to change things around, is to play with 13 mines and 12 diamonds. Here, I try to hit 1 diamond, and I cash out for a return of 2.06. 

If I lose, I adopt the classic Martingale of doubling my previous bet size. Ultimately, I enjoyed some success playing like this, and I did make a couple of redemptions. However, the house edge beats us all in the end, and I got wiped out a few times, too. That said, for entertainment value, Mines is top of my list.

Another strategy for new players is to take advantage of the free no-purchase code NEWBONUS. This gets you 250,000 gold coins and 25 Stake Cash (SC). Using these free coins, you can take on Mines risk-free to see if you can win.
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