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    Best Social Betting Apps

    Social betting apps are the new favourites on the market! Have a look at how these apps work, what features they have, and how to make money on them while challenging your friends in the live chat function.

    • Social Betting Apps – How Do They Work?
    • Playing Free With the Best Social Betting Apps
    • How To Choose the Best Social Betting Apps
    • Winning Real Money with the Best Social Betting Apps
    • Best Social Betting Apps – FAQs

    Best Social Betting Apps 

    Social betting apps are the new trend in the iGaming world. US punters can participate from different states and enjoy sports betting from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Furthermore, betting is not classified as gambling, making these social sportsbooks legal in many states.

    Think about social betting as an interactive way of betting on some of the most popular sports, as well as announcing your bet on a live chat platform where other punters can challenge you or congratulate you on your win. 

    Taking part in a social casino experience is becoming more popular and is thriving in the US iGaming community. This is achieved through an app that can be accessed on either desktop or mobile from anywhere at any time - Let's take a deep dive into the world of online social betting.

    Social Betting Apps – How Do They Work?

    Social betting apps are the perfect middle ground where chat meets games and betting. Imagine a platform where betting enthusiasts can interact in live conversations with other punters and even bet against their bets!

    Look no more; now punters can download a social betting app on their desktop or smart device and join a fun and competitive community. With most social betting platforms, players can choose their own wagering amount, brag about their wins on live chats, and climb the scoreboard with other users.

    Playing Free With the Best Social Betting Apps

    As with many online casinos, there is no registration fee when registering with a social betting app. Not only are there no joining fees, but punters can play absolutely free and only spend money when they want to on betting or upgrades. 

    Partaking in free-play allows players to navigate their way around the app and find out what they enjoy the most. Players can make bets in Real-time with the click of a button and then qualify for all the rewards that come with wagering, like winning!

    How To Choose the Best Social Betting Apps

    Before players register with a social betting app, they need to ensure that the app is compatible with their chosen device. In some cases, players can look out for using HTML5 technology for app-to-device optimisation. 

    Players can look out for mobile rewards that will allow players the opportunity to receive a bonus when registering and downloading the app on a mobile device. Playing on the go with a mobile device is an excellent way to access entertainment from wherever you want, and who doesn't love a reward or two?

    Payment methods are an essential aspect of the app. Not all social betting apps will offer all payment methods, but players can look out for an app that has a method they desire to use, whether it is fiat or cryptocurrencies.

    Lastly, the app should have a range of betting options, and players should not be restricted to only a handful of games. Finally, although the overall appearance and ease of use are essential, players can look at previous player reviews to determine the app's practicality.

    Winning Real Money with the Best Social Betting Apps

    Only a handful of apps are considered social betting platforms, unlike other sportsbooks, which generally do not take a cut of a player's winnings. Instead, players can win real money by placing bets against other users or on various sports' outcomes.

    Social betting apps were designed with the players in mind, where they can choose the amount they wish to wager and have the fun and competitive opportunity to bet against other players by using the live chat function. 

    Social betting apps provide users with another great feature; to make money or gain points by inviting friends to the platform. What is more exciting entertainment than some betting rivalry between friends?
    Sports Options on the Best Social Betting apps

    When we say sports-betting, what do you think about? - Soccer, horse racing? Well, on social betting apps, players can choose from a range of betting options that include University-level sports, world cups, tournaments, NFL matches, and super-bowl games. 

    While each app is different, the sports selections are usually the same. Live betting is an exciting feature for players willing to live on the edge and let their intuition pick the winning team.

    Best Social Betting Apps – FAQs

    Are social betting apps legal in my state?

    The legality of many sportsbooks is under question and revision; however, social betting apps are not sportsbooks. They are available in many states across the US but be sure to find out more before you play.

    Can I use social betting apps without using any funds?

    Players can download the apps and play for fun while finding their way around the platform. However, if virtual coins run out, players can purchase more coins using real money.

    Are all social betting apps available on mobile devices?

    Most social betting apps are accessible on mobile devices via the Google Play Store for Androids and the App Store for iOS devices. Some websites offer the option of an APK download as well.

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