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    Legal US Social Casinos

    If you’re looking for the best legal US social casinos, this in-depth guide is all you need. We’ll explain how these casinos are free to play and how they differ from other platforms where deposits are required.

    Furthermore, you learn how to choose the right legal social casino for your needs, in addition to finding out how the bonuses, promotions, and games work. Of course, if you’ve already mastered the basics, feel free to compare our list of top-rated legit US social casinos to see where you want to play.

    • List of Legal US Social Casinos in May 2024
    • Are Social Casinos Legit?
    • Social Casinos vs Regular Casinos - What’s the Difference?
    • Your Legal Social Casino Checklist
    • Best Legal US Social Casino Games
    • Maximize Your Experience - Tips for New Social Casino Players
    • US Legal Social Casinos - FAQs

    List of Legal US Social Casinos in May 2024

    Are Social Casinos Legit?

    The most common question we’re asked is, ‘Are social casinos legit?’. The simplest answer is yes, they are. However, that doesn’t mean all operators are legit. Unfortunately, there will always be a few bad actors that are intent on scamming people, and anything involving words like ‘casino’ and ‘gambling’ is certain to draw them out.

    The good news is that has got your back. Our team has done the hard yards to find America’s best legal social casinos so you have peace of mind that each operator is honest and secure.

    For those new to the scene, social casinos provide free-to-play Vegas-style games. Most operators run on-platform tournaments and leaderboard contests so you can compete against friends and other players for bragging rights. 

    Whether you register with one of our approved brands or you want to explore further, the main point to keep in mind is free gaming with no purchase necessary. Here are some screenshots from legit brands that highlight this essential fact. - No purchase necessary. Play without payment


    Pulsz Social Casino - No purchase necessary


    McLuck Social Casino - No purchase required. Free forever

    Social Casinos vs Regular Casinos - What’s the Difference?

    Social casinos and their real-money counterparts share several similarities but also many differences. The key takeaway is social casinos are completely free. Most have an option for players to buy more coins (or credits), but it’s not necessary. Here’s a comprehensive comparison between the two casinos.

    Social Casinos
    Real Money Casinos
    AvailabilityOther than Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, social casinos are accessible across the US. However, some operators may exclude a couple of other states, too.Real money online casinos are only legal in six states, NJ, MI, PA, WV, CO, and DE. Delaware, however, is controlled by the state lottery, resulting in only a few places to play.
    CostFree! You get free coins every day to use. Coin purchases are available.Other than a few operators with small no deposit bonuses, players must deposit US dollars to play.
    WinningsPlayers win gold coins or site credits from the games. These currencies have no real-world value, and they cannot be cashed out.Players gamble with USD and win (or lose) USD. All winnings can be withdrawn directly to the player’s bank account or card.
    GamesIt depends on your chosen social casino. Some operators have fewer than 100 titles. Other brands have upped their game with lobbies of 400 - 500 games. Most social casino games are slots; however, you’ll also find keno, video poker, and table games. Only a couple of social casinos offer live dealer games.On average, a greater selection of games from leading providers like IGT, WMS, and NetEnt. Slots are also a favorite; however, real money sites usually have more options for fans of progressive jackpots, table games live dealers.
    InteractionHighly encouraged. Many sites have built-in chat features, and you can hook up and follow friends.Overall, a fairly solitary gaming experience, although you can engage with dealers in the live casino.
    Bonuses and PromotionsPlayers receive coins at least once a day from login bonuses. Additionally, there are many other ways to collect free coins, such as through raffles, social media contests, and tournaments.Generally, a good selection, but usually a deposit is required. Not many free bonuses.
    Customer SupportCan be indifferent. Several operators don’t have live chat, and email responses can be slow.Usually, on the ball, many brands run 24/7 support, so there is always someone available if you have a query.
    MobileAll sites are mobile-optimized, but they don’t all offer downloadable iOS and Android apps.Mobile apps for iOS and Android are standard throughout the industry.

    Your Legal Social Casino Checklist

    The focus of social casinos is to deliver a fun and free Vegas-style experience. You cannot win real money or other cash prizes, but they don’t cost you a dime either. If you enjoy gaming among friends and participating in leaderboard contests, these sites will be right up your street.

    With that in mind, how do you know which social casino is the best one for you? American Casinos has produced a checklist that you can use to guide your decision.

    • Security: Is the site secure? You can easily check this by looking for the padlock icon in the URL bar of your browser. We only recommend secure operators so you know you’re safe with all of these casinos.

    • Reputation: What experiences have other players had? Places to find out this information include Reddit and social media. Also, if the operator has a mobile app, you can read the reviews on its App Store and Play Store pages. We’ve reviewed all of the social casinos listed on this page, so you read them, too.

    • Coins: How many and how often do you get free coins? Ultimately, you want enough coins to fulfill your gaming passion. Also, can you log in and claim bonuses without playing? This allows you to build up your balance for when you’re ready to play.

    • Games: Are you a slots buff or a blackjack fanatic? Each social casino brings its own unique collection of games. Some operators develop their own titles, which makes them exclusive. Ultimately, the gaming experience is what it is all about, so carefully assess your options.

    • Updates: If there’s an app, how often is it updated? Apps that are updated regularly are usually better because bugs and glitches are ironed out and new features added.

    • Support: Is there live chat? We like to make this a priority because email replies can take up to 24 hours, which is frustrating. 

    Legal Social Casino Bonuses

    You can expect a flurry of bonuses and promotional offers from legal US social casinos. The purpose is to provide players with an ample amount of coins to play with. These are some of the most popular promos that will keep you topped up and ready to play.

    Welcome Bonus

    You may see these promoted as sign-up bonuses or registration bonuses; however, the meaning is the same. The welcome offer is what you get when you join the casino. Of course, this will be your first batch of free coins. 

    The amount differs depending on the brand you sign-up with. However, you need to check how much the games cost. Some social casinos give away hundreds of thousands of coins, but the minimum bet on slots might be 10,000 coins. 

    Login Bonus

    To keep players coming back for more, the social casino offers login bonuses. Typically, these are daily, although some sites give away free coins every four or eight hours.

    The size of the login bonus is paramount. This is something that you want to delve into this before registering an account. Fundamentally, the free coins need to satisfy your gaming desires.

    Raffles/Prizes Draws

    Another way to get free coins is to participate in prize draws and raffles run by the casino. Some of these may have an entry fee, while others are like freerolls. Of course, you are not always guaranteed to win with these promotions, so they don’t hold as much player value as login bonuses.

    Social Media

    Social media and social casinos go hand-in-hand. Operators make full use of their social media channels to engage with their players, and they roll out a constant stream of promotions to ensure players remain active. The type of promos varies, such as collecting free coins for sharing posts to random first come, first serve bonus drops.

    Best Legal US Social Casino Games

    With the explosive growth in legal US social casinos, the quality and quantity of the games have increased to match. Some of the top social gaming sites are now on par with real money casinos, which was unthinkable five years ago. These are some of the games you can expect to play:

    • Video slots
    • Classic 3-reel slots
    • Megaways slots
    • Progressive jackpot slots
    • Roulette
    • Baccarat
    • Blackjack
    • Keno
    • Bingo
    • Video poker
    • Live dealer games

    Maximize Your Experience - Tips for New Social Casino Players

    If you’re looking for your first social casino, these are some tips that will help you maximize your experience.

    Connect your social media account

    Most sites give players the option to register via their Facebook account. We recommend this because you often get additional perks. Even if you sign-up via email, you can link your FB account after.


    Try all the games

    Because social casinos are free, you can play all the games without risking any money. You may unearth a gem that you didn’t know about. As the saying goes, ‘you should try everything once.’


    Collect all bonuses

    You can never have too many free coins. Even if you don’t intend on playing one day, it’s still worth quickly logging in to grab your bonus. Also, keep notifications on the casino’s social media outlets to ensure you don’t miss any offers there.


    Engage with other players

    Playing free casino games is much better with friends. It’s always nice to jump into the chat and share your win and losses with others. This is a big difference between these sites and regular casinos, so you should embrace it.


    Join social casinos that offer also sweepstakes

    Social casinos are great, but you should also consider playing at the best sweepstakes casinos. These are also free - so you don’t need to spend a buck, but you can win real cash prizes.


    US Legal Social Casinos - FAQs

    What is the best legal social casino?

    Quite simply, the best legal social casino is the one that fits your needs. Use our detailed tables to compare brands to find your perfect site.

    Do social casinos pay real money?

    It depends on the site. There are several pure social casinos that only offer free play. You cannot cash out any coins. Alternatively, multiple social sites have sweepstakes. Players use a different currency with these games, but it is possible to win cash prizes from your play.

    Where are social casinos legal in the US?

    All US states, except for Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, allow social casinos. However, you want to check the operator’s ToS to see if there are any other restricted areas.

    All states A