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    Real Money Social Casino Games

    There are many games featured on real money social casinos; most game categories are the same as online casinos and betting sites. Finding a suitable game is essential for US players as that will determine what app they download and which friends they invite.

    • What Are Real Money Social Casino Games?
    • How Does Social Gambling Work?
    • Best Real Money Social Casino Games 
    • Real Money Social Casino Software Providers
    • How To Choose a Real Money Social Casino
    • Play Real Money Social Casino Games on Mobile
    • Real Money Social Casino Games – FAQs

    Real Money Social Casino Games

    Social casinos are just like regular online casinos but with the added benefit of interacting with friends and other iGaming users in a virtual casino setup. Like traditional online casinos, social casinos have games ranging from slots and progressive jackpots to poker and blackjack games. 

    Games have exciting themes, in-game bonuses, and exhilarating gameplay that US players can access at no cost or top up their virtual coins using real money.

    What Are Real Money Social Casino Games?

    The idea behind social casinos is to gather iGaming enthusiasts and gambling newbies and give them an in-house casino experience without actually leaving the house. In addition, this virtual experience allows social interaction between other US players and friends. 

    Social casinos are free and do not cost anything to join or play games. Gamers use the virtual coins provided to bet and play different games; however, with real money social casinos, players can purchase more coins using real money. 

    It is important to note that purchasing these coins is a purchase, not a deposit. Coins purchased cannot be withdrawn as it does not have a cash equivalent. 

    How Does Social Gambling Work?

    Like with any online casino, players can download a social casino app, create an account or link their game to a social media page and play the game provided by that platform. Sooner or later, the provided coins may run out; here, US players can purchase more coins with real money.

    Being connected to a social media page, players can interact with friends, invite them to play, and participate in multiplayer games. 

    Social gambling is legal in many US states, and it is becoming more popular by the day because online gambling is not legal everywhere. This gives iGamers access to online gambling from the comfort of their mobile phones.

    Best Real Money Social Casino Games 

    As the purpose of social casinos is to interact with other players, the best games are multiplayer games like various table games, live casino games, and game shows. US players can get the whole social casino experience either by playing with friends or other online players or spinning away at slots in a single-player setup.

    Online Slots

    Slots are and will always be a favourite; the game is simple, the rules direct, and all players need to do is click a button to watch the slot spin or enable autoplay and wait for something great to happen!

    Table Games

    Table games range from poker to roulette and then back to blackjack. Table games can be played as a single-player or as an excellent interactive virtual game with friends where some friendly competition can occur. 

    Crash Games

    This game is risky and fun and was initially developed from the platform on which cryptocurrencies run. Different themes apply, but essentially something increases in value, and the player needs to jump out before the value drops and the player loses.

    Video Poker

    Where online poker is more of a single-player game, video poker gives players the effect of being in a real casino house utilizing virtual videos. The game is basically a combination between slots and five-card poker.

    Real Money Social Casino Software Providers

    Game providers like Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, and other popular game developers provide social casino platforms with fantastic games. Games vary from fan favourites to exclusives that are specific to that social casino platform. 

    How To Choose a Real Money Social Casino

    Picking the perfect social casino for you can be challenging; there are a lot of social casinos, and they come with a great range of games and exciting features. US players can check out the social casinos and the games that feature, along with other unique features like bonuses, to decide what platform they want to use.

    Play Real Money Social Casino Games on Mobile

    US players can look out for the best real money social casino games and then see what app these games feature on. iGamers should see what real money casino games are the best and their pros and cons, and then pursue playing the game and invite friends to join in on the fun!

    Real Money Social Casino Games – FAQs

    What bonus features can I find on real money casino games?

    Social casinos have a great list of bonus features, including free coins when inviting a friend, cash prizes when unlocking levels, various promo codes, and many more.

    Are Social Casinos legal in the US?

    Social casinos do not need a license to operate as there is no money coming into the platform to be wagered on anything like a sports game or slot machine. Real money social casinos only indicate that players can purchase more coins to play with once the virtual free coins are used up.

    Can I play social casino games on a desktop?

    While most social casino games are made for mobile use, many apps are available to be enjoyed on any desktop or mobile device.

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