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Online Gambling in Nevada

Nevada is without a doubt the gambling state of the world. And Las Vegas is home to some of the most iconic casinos ever. It's estimated that over 150,000 slots are available within the city. Pleasure seekers can also pull up a seat at one of thousands of table games. To an outsider, online gambling must seem like a dead certainty. 

But residents will know this to be false. Nevada online gambling is restricted to online poker. And even then, online poker enthusiasts are limited to just two brands. But why does the gambling state have such restrictions around online gambling? And will this ever change in the future? Our Nevada online gambling guide will provide all the answers.

Nevada Online Gambling FAQ

Can I play legal Nevada online casino games?

Online poker is the only online gambling product available in Nevada at the present time. When the AB114 bill passed in 2013, the way for regulated and legal online poker was clear. Currently, the only state the offers legal online casino gambling is New Jersey.

Will Nevada ever legalize online casino?

Legalized online gambling is a controversial topic for every state. And it's one that receives much attention and publicity. But there are a few reasons why online casinos may never be available in Nevada. The chief concern is that online casinos would decimate their land-based counterparts. 

Millions of people visit the City of Lights every year. And those visitors bring in millions of dollars in revenue. Tourism is one of the big draws - and Las Vegas is synonymous with fulfilling dreams and desires. It's understandable then that stakeholders and investors are nervous. 

Overnight, their carefully built empires could come crashing down. There would be no one to sample the restaurants, shows and spectacles that have made the Strip such an iconic entertainment destination. If Nevada online casinos were ever legalized and no one visited the resorts - what then?

In truth, neither the casino operators or the lawmakers have enough data to make the call. But the continuing developments of Atlantic City and New Jersey gambling scene could provide some answers. The same year the AB114 bill passed in Nevada, online casino gaming too was greenlit in Atlantic City. Over the years, online casino has grown in NJ - more so than land-based. And to take advantage of online gaming in the state, new brick and mortar casinos have opened up!

If NJ online casinos show more success then this could finally sway officials. However, there have been recent talks of expanding the Federal Wire Act to encompass all types of gaming. This would effectively destroy any online gambling product in America.

What Nevada Online Gambling is allowed?

Poker is currently the only legal and licensed online gambling activity in Nevada. From a bystanders point of view, it would seem that sportsbook is also legal in the state. But this isn't accurate. It's actually illegal to own or operate a sportsbook within Nevada. But there are no laws against placing bets at offshore locations. This is why you will find so many sports betting apps that allow you to make wagers online.

When was gambling legalized in Nevada?

Nevada's gambling roots are a far cry from the sprawling casino metropolis of today. Gaming was actually outlawed in 1909 - but the state began to relax once the Great Depression took hold. To inject some extra funds into the economy, gambling was finally legalized in Nevada in 1931. 

In the same year, construction work started on the Boulder Dam. Later renamed as the Hoover Dam, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Exhausted construction workers would end their days by heading over to the casinos.

Is there any way to play online slots in Nevada?

Online casino may be illegal in the state of Nevada, but patrons have turned to alternative means to play online slots. There are many online slot apps available for Android and iOS devices. And these are perfectly legal to enjoy as there is no real money wagering. 

If you want to experience a gambling thrill and can't get to a land-based casino, then you could try free mobile casino games.

Social casinos are another popular past time. MGM Mirage has an application called MyVegas; the app allows Nevada casino gamers the chance to play authentic slots. What sets the app apart, however, is that players can actually earn real loyalty points. And these points can be traded for loyalty perks at the casino. Room discounts, tickets to special shows and even helicopter rides... For a free mobile app, these points are certainly valuable!

What other types of gambling are illegal in Nevada?

Lottery is also an illegal form of gambling in Nevada, but it is not illegal for residents to buy a ticket for an out of state lottery. As lottery is available in the majority of America, this often causes confusion. Why is there no lottery in Nevada? While there is no official reason, it could be the competition posed to locally run casinos makes lawmakers nervous.

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