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    PayPal Online Casinos

    PayPal NJ Online Casinos

    PayPal NJ online casinos offer the popular PayPal depositing method. New Jersey patrons can now take advantage of this trusted payment option at their favorite casinos.

    At the time of writing, 9 different casino websites in New Jersey offer this payment option. But this number is sure to expand in the future with new site launches.

    If you want funds to spin that slot machine or play another hand of Blackjack, then PayPal is an easy and fast depositing method. You can even use this e-wallet to withdraw your casino winnings. 

    In the below list, you will find all of the casinos in New Jersey that offer PayPal to make deposits.

    History of PayPal New Jersey Casinos

    In 2003, PayPal abandoned the American gambling market. They pulled the plug when regulators questioned the legalities of their activities in the States. This was around the time when they merged with eCommerce giants eBay. PayPal was later judged to be processing illegal gambling payments in America and was ordered to pay $10 million.

    After eBay and PayPal joined forces, the payment provider forbid its technology to be used for online gaming payments. It was only in 2010 that they started to offer online gambling payments once again. But this time: they restricted themselves to regulated websites in heavily regulated regions. 

    In 2015, the two companies split from each other. Shortly after the divorce, PayPal began to plug into American gaming websites once again. What was supposed to be a trial run of just a few sites eventually spread to the entirety of New Jersey.

    PayPal was a popular method for making deposits before they exited the U.S. market. Upon returning, they have established their dominance as the number one e-wallet option. Even surpassing the likes of Neteller and Skrill. 

    How to deposit at NJ Online Casinos that accept Paypal

    Before you start playing your favorite slots and table games, you are going to need a PayPal account. Thankfully, creating an account is free and can be used in millions of online stores around the world. 

    Once you have your account details, you will need to add a payment method. We strongly recommend remembering your email address and password, as you will need these later!

    When adding payment details, you could use your bank card, debit card or even a credit card. The big advantage of using PayPal NJ online casinos is that you pay no fees for transferring funds. With other e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, you could be drowning in charges. Meaning less money for gambling.

    When you do decide to make a PayPal casino deposit, you will need to login to your account to authorize the payment. Remember your email and password you used to create the account? This is where it comes in handy! Simply fill out your details and you will have a chance to review the transaction.

    If you deposit using PayPal, then you can choose to take advantage of the second benefit: you can also make withdrawals. Unlike many of the cash out options available at NJ online casinos, withdrawing via PayPal is fast. You won't have to wait for 3 - 5 days to receive your casino winnings. In fact, after a payment has been approved by the casino, you can expect to see your money within 24 hours.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you can only use the PayPal deposit option via a personal account. Business or premier accounts can’t be used for casino funding. You may be also required to verify that the account is yours. If this is the case, the casino will request certain documents from you.

    Alternatives to PayPal NJ Casino Deposits

    If you solely make gaming deposits via e-wallets, then you should use PayPal. With Neteller and Skrill fees, we can't recommend them over a free service. But if you want some extra flexibility from your depositing options, then here are a few more we recommend:

    Prepaid Card

    The majority of online casinos in NJ offer some kind of prepaid card - and these are useful for several reasons. One: you can experience far fewer rejections than a normal credit/debit card. And two: you can use the card to withdraw your winnings from an ATM!

    Claiming a prepaid card is simple too; you have to enroll at the casino when signing up or depositing. This means you can start depositing to the card balance straight away to make a casino deposit. And after a couple of weeks, you should receive a physical card in the post.

    As an added bonus, these cards can be used as part of loyalty schemes and often link to the casino's VIP reward structure.

    Cash at the Cage

    If you are lucky in a geographical sense, then you could also travel to Atlantic City and make use of the cage facilities. All the NJ online casinos offer services provided by their linked land-based casinos. For example; if you wanted to deposit or withdraw from your Borgata online casino account - then you would head to the Borgata Hotel.

    Using the cage, you can not only deposit funds fast into your playing account - you can also withdraw as well. To take advantage of either service, you will need some ID - you may also have to ring ahead to ensure the casino can cover your request. For more details, you can contact the casino's customer service team.

    Paypal NJ Online Casino FAQ

    Can I use PayPal at NJ online casinos?

    Yes, you can. It's a popular and safe way to fund your online casino account. There was a period where PayPal was unavailable to US gamblers. But those days have past and you can use this e-wallet at your leisure. Due to the fast withdrawal times and low rejections - this has become a go-to method for internet NJ gamblers.

    Is there a bonus available for depositing with Paypal?

    To our knowledge, there are no exclusive bonuses available for using Paypal. But you can take advantage of the various deals available at New Jersey online casinos. This is advantageous as several e-wallet methods will not be eligible for a bonus. In this case, Paypal is a fitting substitute.

    Is Paypal safe to use at NJ online casinos?

    Yes, Paypal is a safe and secure payment method. This is because your financial details are protected by an extra layer of security: you account details and password. Without these, a potential criminal has no way of obtaining your credit card or bank account. Paypal has millions of customers over the world and is reputed for its advanced security.

    How do I use Paypal to deposit?

    Choose how much you want to deposit and then select the Paypal option. You will then be prompted to log in to your account and confirm the depositing amount. Once you are ready - confirm your transaction. The money should be in your account in seconds.

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