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    Banking Guide

    Banking Guide

    Find the fastest and most secure payment methods to get money in and out of your Online Casino account.

    • Popular US Online Casino Payment Methods
    • Visa payments at online casinos
    • Mastercard Online Casinos
    • US Online Casino Payment Methods FAQ

    Online Casino Banking Guide

    Choosing a convenient online casino banking option can have many benefits. And you should always take your time in selecting the best payment method for you. Faster withdrawals, quicker deposits, fewer rejections... each payment option available has strengths and weaknesses.

    Popular US Online Casino Payment Methods

    In the early days of online casinos, patrons could choose from just a handful of depositing and withdrawal methods. Fast forward to today and many of the world's most popular payment options are available to use online. Below you will find some of the most widely used ways to deposit and withdraw at New Jersey online casinos.

    Visa payments at online casinos

    Visa is one of the most popular payment methods in the world today. And that's why you will find the option of credit/debit card payments at almost every casino site. Which online casinos accept the Visa payment method? The short answer: pretty much all of them!

    How to make a Visa payment 

    Making a payment using the Visa payment method is usually an effortless task. Visit your respective casino and then choose the option for debit/credit card. You will then need to add your long card number and other card specific information.

    Once you finish adding your details, click submit and wait for the payment success screen. One of the advantages of this casino payment is that your funds should be available to play in mere moments. There's no need to wait several days like you would by making a bank transfer. Meaning: you can enjoy casino gaming straight away!

    Casinos will not charge for this kind of transaction. But banks can view credit card payments as a cash advance. And this means you could have a fee applied. Debit cards are exempt from this type of fee however. If you choose to make a card payment, try to use debit card wherever possible.

    This transaction speed is what makes Visa such a desirable and easy payment method. Unfortunately, paying by credit/debit card is one of the most rejected payments at online casinos.

    Mastercard Online Casinos

    Mastercard technology powers millions of debit cards and credit cards the world over. And it's no surprise they are a viable payment method at online casinos too.

    Casinos like Virgin Casino and the Golden Nugget offer card payments for speed and player convenience and while these casinos are ready to accept your debit or credit card - it's not always the easiest method to use.

    How to deposit with Mastercard at US online casinos

    Depositing using Mastercard is a simple process. Before you start, you will need your long card number and the security code on the back.

    Login to your chosen casino and open up the cashier. You should have the option to either deposit or withdraw. Click the deposit option and you will once again have options to choose from. Here you will be able to select your depositing method.

    Pick Mastercard and you will be prompted to enter the long card number plus the card's security code. Remember to choose how much you want to deposit as well! Once you have completed those steps, you simply need to wait to see if the payment was successful.

    If the answer is yes, then your funds should be available in your account - alongside any bonuses. The speed of this payment method is what makes depositing by card such a popular option.

    If you deposit using a debit card, then you should be free from any fees. Charges can apply for credit card payments - as these are often seen as cash advances.

    Depositing by Mastercard is certainly easy. But unfortunately, like Visa, it's one of the most rejected methods available to casino patrons.

    Credit/Debit Card Payments

    Using a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card is an easy way to deposit funds into your playing account. Simply pull out the plastic, enter the card details and you could have money to play slots in a matter of seconds. Convenient, easy to use and fast - why would you need any other online casino payment method?

    Unfortunately, credit/debit cards are among the most rejected payment methods out there. While online casino gambling is legal in New Jersey, American Banks are nervous about dealing with these kinds of payments. You can also not withdraw your funds using these types of cards. Casinos will still offer card payment services for depositing - but they do not recommend using them. Instead, they will recommend using ACH (eChecks) or their own prepaid cards.

    Prepaid Cards
    An alternative to traditional debit/credit cards is to use a casino's prepaid card. These cards work much in the same way as a Visa or Mastercard: but with far fewer rejections! The majority of online casinos offer this option at the cashier.

    To use a prepaid card, you will first need to enroll at your chosen casino. This may involve authenticating your details with personal information. If you're successful, you can fund your card which in turn can fund your casino account! As an added bonus: you will be able to use the card at an ATM!

    ACH (eChecks)
    One of the most recommended online casino banking options is ACH (or eChecks). Like credit/debit card, you can instantly transfer funds into your playing account. The difference? This payment method has one of the highest success rates in all of New Jersey! And as an added bonus: you can also withdraw using ACH too.

    To deposit using ACH, you will need a checking account complete with routing and account number. If you do choose to deposit using eCheck, then you may need to verify your details. You will also have to work around depositing caps which are sometimes in place at casinos.

    There are plenty of online casinos that accept Paypal. After all, it's one of the most popular payment methods in the world. This e-wallet is secure, easy to set up and there's no card/account numbers to remember. All you need to remember is your Paypal password. When making a deposit, simply input your password and authorize the payment.

    PayPal is not the only option for e-wallet deposits at casinos on the East Coast. Patrons can also choose to use Neteller; an electronic payment method with a high rate of transaction success. The provider even offers their own prepaid card for ATM withdrawals.  This is certainly a fast and secure alternative to PayPal. Fund transfers do incur fees however and these fees can be substantial. Some methods can charge up to 10%!

    Another e-wallet alternative to Neteller and PayPal, this method also charges fees. The fees charged are far less compared to those of Neteller - but you don't get the option for a cash card. Both Skrill and Neteller (who have the same parent company Paysafe) allow online casino patrons to make withdrawals. 

    Bank Transfer
    If you want a secure way to fund your casino account, then you can simply make a transfer from your bank. To use this method, you will need to head to the casino cashier, select bank transfer and then log in to whomever you bank with. While bank transfer can be used for speedy deposits, you can not use it for withdrawals.

    Wire Transfer
    There's little reason to recommend wire transfer over other payment methods. Firstly, depositing by bank wire is slow. You could be waiting up to seven days for your funds to be available to play. Secondly, wiring funds charge a fee. If you have no other choice, then this will get funds into your casino account. But in a slow and expensive way.

    Cash at the cage
    If you want to deal with a real person and don't mind a trip to Atlantic City, then Cash at the Cage is a great choice. Not only can you make deposits by this method, but you can also withdraw cash using the cage too. You will need to visit the casino linked to the website to take advantage of this method. For example, if you want to top up your Tropicana Online account, you will need to visit the Tropicana Hotel. Before you jump in the car, you will need some ID and a proof of address. And depending on the casino, you may need to also ring ahead to ensure they have the funds to meet your request.

    Arguably, this method can be even more convenient than traveling to Atlantic City. That is: if you live near a participating 7- Eleven store. To deposit via PayNearMe, you will need to select the method at the cashier. You will then need to print off a barcode and hand this (together with the deposit) to the store. And that's it - transaction completed. Your funds should be available to play once you get home. One thing to note about using PayNearMe is that you are limited to a $500 depositing cap. 

    US Online Casino Payment Methods FAQ

    What is the fastest way to deposit at US online casinos?

    Credit/debit card is certainly one of the fastest, but it is also one of the most rejected methods. In second place, we give the speed award to ACH. Prepaid card is fast once you get it - but there's that initial application process.

    What is the fastest US online casino payout option?

    Many websites offer a cage service where you can not only deposit, but also withdraw. While depositing is usually faster via electronic methods, this is not the same for withdrawals. Using the casino cage, patrons can get access to their funds in mere moments!

    What is the safest way to deposit at US online casinos?

    Most modern electronic payment methods feature sophisticated security and encryption. No matter which depositing method you choose, your funds are sure to be secure from online criminals.

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