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13 Mar 2024
Lauren Williams 13 Mar 2024
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One of the ways rewards its VIPs is via a weekly bonus. This article takes a closer look at this promotion and explains how you can get your hands on it.

  • The weekly bonus is one-third of the trifecta of VIP bonuses, with the others being the daily and monthly bonuses
  • Find out who is eligible and when the weekly bonus is handed out
  • Get in the action with the latest code to claim an exclusive welcome bonus
  • VIP Weekly Bonus
  • How to Claim the Weekly Bonus
  • How Much is the Weekly Bonus?
  • Get on the VIP Ladder with our Promo Code
  • Weekly Bonus - FAQs has one of the industry’s leading VIP programs, and the weekly bonus is among the favorite rewards. VIP Weekly Bonus

The philosophy of is simple - the more you play, the more you are rewarded. Think of it as a win-win scenario. However, as this operator is ranked among the best US sweepstakes casinos, you don’t even need to make a purchase to play - it is (and will always be) free.

From the very first bet you make on the platform, whether it’s with Stake Cash or gold coins, you have begun your VIP journey. We recommend reading our in-depth VIP Club guide if you want to know about all the different levels.

Our focus on this page is the weekly bonus, which players activate once they reach Bronze VIP (Level 1). To achieve this status, you need to play through 10,000 Stake Cash and two billion gold coins.

How to Claim the Weekly Bonus

It would be nice if simply credited the weekly bonus directly to eligible players' accounts; however, it doesn’t. Therefore, you need to claim it manually. The good news is that it’s easy to do by following these steps.

  1. Play at social and sweepstakes casino until you achieve the rank of Bronze VIP.
  2. When you hit this level, contact live support, which is operational 24/7, and request to be added to the exclusive Stake VIP Telegram channel. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you’ve downloaded Telegram and set up your account if you don’t already have it.
  3. The weekly bonus is posted on this channel every Saturday morning. Simply log in and claim your share.

How Much is the Weekly Bonus?

There is no fixed amount for the weekly bonus. Ultimately, it’s calculated on two essential factors:

  • Your VIP rank
  • Your activity (gameplay) from the previous seven days

In a nutshell, the higher your VIP level and the more you’ve played, the bigger the weekly bonus should be.

Get on the VIP Ladder with our Promo Code

Picking up as many free coins as you can will help in your quest to get on the VIP ladder, where you’re eligible for the weekly bonus.

The best way to start is with our social casino promo code - NEWBONUS. You can apply the code either during the registration procedure or immediately after your account and identity are verified. 

Once activated, 25 Stake Cash will be credited to your account. Alongside that exclusive welcome bonus, you are able to pick up the login bonus, which is worth 10,000 gold coins and 1 SC. Therefore, you can begin playing with 26 SC and 10,000 GC. 

With a little luck and some astute gaming choices, this pile of free coins will help to launch your VIP progress bar away from zero percent. Weekly Bonus - FAQs

How to get the weekly bonus?

To qualify for the weekly bonus, you need to be at VIP level Bronze or above. If you are eligible, you need to join the Stake VIP Telegram group because this is where the bonus codes are posted every Saturday morning.

Do I still get a monthly bonus as well as the weekly?

Yes, you do. The monthly bonus is a reward for all active players, so you will continue to collect that. However, once you’re Bronze VIP, the weekly bonus is added as well. Progress to Platinum VIP and you then get a daily bonus to complete the set.

Why does my weekly bonus amount keep changing?

The weekly bonus at is calculated based on your VIP level and your gaming activity over the past seven days. Therefore, if the bonus amount changes, it is likely because you’ve wagered more/less than the week before.

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