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13 Mar 2024
Lauren Williams 13 Mar 2024
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  • has arguably one of the best VIP programs in the social sweepstakes industry
  • Learn about leveling up and the benefits that you get as you climb the ranks
  • Strategies to help increase your VIP level even with a modest coin balance
  • Get started with our free welcome bonus worth 25 Stake Cash
  • VIP - How to Get Started
  • VIP Levels
  • Calculating Your VIP Progress
  • Strategies for Moving up the VIP Ranks
  • What is Rakeback?
  • VIP Club - FAQs
With the VIP club, players can unlock exclusive rewards and collect bonuses that are instantly redeemable. This complete guide tells you all there is to know so that you can benefit from being a VIP. VIP - How to Get Started

Some VIP clubs make you jump through hoops to get your foot in the door; however, that isn’t the style of Its VIP program is so delightfully straightforward that it can be broken down into three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Use our promo code NEWBONUS when you sign up for an account. With this code, you can claim 25 Stake Cash for free. Also, you get your first daily login bonus, which is another 1 SC and 10,000 gold coins.

  • Step 2: Start playing. Every wager you make counts towards the progress on your VIP bar. As a note, you need to wager both gold coins and Stake Cash to advance through the levels.

  • Step 3: Level up and unlock bigger and better benefits as you proceed. You’ll be able to instantly claim daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses (once you achieve specific levels). VIP Levels

The VIP club has 15 levels, ranging from bronze to obsidian. As you’d expect, you get more perks the higher your rank. A couple of player-friendly features are that there’s no time limit, so you don’t have to wager a certain amount each month. 

Also, once you’ve leveled up, you maintain that rank and receive its benefits. The image below highlights the ranks and the rewards attached to each one.

Calculating Your VIP Progress

Although treats all its players like VIPs, you are not officially a VIP member until you hit the rank of bronze. This table shows how much you must wager to reach each level.

Stake Cash
Gold Coins
Bronze10,0002 billion
Silver50,00010 billion
Gold100,00020 billion
Platinum250,00050 billion
Platinum II500,000100 billion
Platinum III1,000,000200 billion
Platinum IV2,500,000500 billion
Platinum V5,000,0001 trillion
Platinum VI10,000,0002 trillion
Diamond25,000,0005 trillion
Diamond II50,000,00010 trillion
Diamond III100,000,00020 trillion
Diamond IV250,000,00050 trillion
Diamond V500,000,000100 trillion
Odsidian1,000,000,000200 trillion

Although the VIP progress bar indicates how far you have to go to reach the next milestone, it’s also worth knowing how it’s calculated. Let’s assume you’ve just hit the rank of Silver VIP, which is 50,000 SC and 10 billion GC. Therefore, you need to wager these same amounts again to go from Silver to Gold.

  • 50(%) x 50,000 SC / 100 = 25,000 Stake Cash
  • 50(%) x 10 billion GC / 100 = 5 billion gold coins

Once you play through these amounts, you’ll become a Gold-ranked VIP.

Strategies for Moving up the VIP Ranks

To make the starting rank of Bronze VIP, you must wager a total of 10,000 Stake Cash and 2 billion gold coins. This is a lot of coins, but it’s still possible to achieve this without making a purchase, although it will take several months.

The most important thing is to accumulate as many free coins as possible from all the bonuses and promotions, including:

  • Registration bonus (25 free Stake Cash with our promo code)
  • Daily login bonus (1 Stake Cash and 10,000 gold coins)
  • Postal requests ( 5 Stake Cash for each request)
  • On-site promotions
  • Social media contests, such as its daily bonus drop

The other consideration is to choose the right games to play. For wagering purposes, several Stake Originals like Limbo, Dice, Wheel, and Crash all have an RTP of 99%. Also, blackjack, video poker, and baccarat offer good value. 

These are the best games for playing through your coins to maximize each one. That said, you must still consider the bet amount. It’s advised to bet small so that you don’t hit a bad streak and bust out quickly.

What is Rakeback?

One of the most popular perks of the VIP club is the rakeback bonus. When activated on your account, you get 5% of the house edge on every bet you make, regardless of its outcome.

Rakeback may be activated if you join through one of its well-known streamers. Alternatively, you will receive it once you’re Bronze VIP and above. It’s a guaranteed way to accumulate redeemable coins simply for playing the games you love. VIP Club - FAQs

When is the monthly bonus due?

All players receive a monthly bonus. Usually, it arrives in your account around the 15th of each month, but it can be a little before or after this date. You get an email reminder as soon as the bonus drops, so make sure you keep an eye out.

What level up bonuses do VIPs get?

In addition to fixed level-up bonuses that you get whenever you hit a new rank, rewards players with daily, weekly, and monthly gameplay bonuses. Of course, the size of the bonus depending on the amount you’ve recently wagered.

When do players get a VIP host?

All VIPs get a dedicated host to look after them upon reaching Platinum VI level.

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