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Huge Stake Cash Keno Win - Player Collects 388K SC

06 Jun 2024
Leon Travers 06 Jun 2024
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  • Mega Keno bet of 1,500 Stake Cash produces a spectacular 388,500.00 SC win
  • Player opted for a high-risk strategy, helping him land an impressive 259x multiplier
  • With an RTP of around 99%, Stake Originals Keno is one of the best lucky numbers games to play
  • Start your online keno adventure with a welcome offer (promo code users only)
  • Biggest Stake Cash Keno Win of the Year [so far]
  • Stake Originals Keno
  • Keno and NEWBONUS - The Perfect Combination
Everything about this sweepstakes entry was big - the 1,500 Stake Cash play, the winning odds, and especially the 388,500 Stake Cash win.

Biggest Stake Cash Keno Win of the Year [so far]

Keno is one of the world’s oldest gambling games, and it’s still very popular today. This isn’t surprising because it ticks all the right boxes. Namely, it’s easy to play and the wins can be extraordinary.

That brings us to this recent Stake Cash Keno win, which, by my reckoning is the largest this year. The news was shared on’s X page. An unknown player put down 1,500 Stake Cash, which is the virtual currency uses for promotional sweepstakes, on the Stake Original Keno game.

He (or she) chose four numbers (20, 21, 27, and 28) with the risk level set to high (more on that later). By matching all four numbers from the ten numbers drawn, the win multiplier was a tasty 229x. 

This yielded a mega win of 388,500.00 Stake Cash. As this was a promotional play, the Stake Cash can be redeemed 1:1 for USD. Should the player choose to make a redemption, he would collect $388,500.00 worth of his favorite cryptocurrency.

Stake Originals Keno

Stake Originals Keno is a straightforward game. Players select between one and ten numbers (called spots) from the numbered (1 - 40) board. When the game starts, ten spots are drawn randomly. If your selected spots match those that were drawn, you are paid out in accordance with the game’s paytable.

Where this variant of Keno varies from most others is that players can adjust the level of risk. It has four ‘risk’ levels:

  • Classic
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The paytable is different for each level. Therefore, you control the number of spots to play and the risk. As an example, this is the paytable for picking four spots like this big winner did.

Match 1 Number
Match 2 Numbers
Match 3 Numbers
Match 4 Numbers

The Keno strategy you use depends on how much risk you want to take. Many players opt for low-risk. This produces a lot more payouts because you only need to match two numbers. 

However, when you hit a full house, the max win isn’t as impressive. Ultimately, it’s up to you, and that’s part of the fun and excitement of the game.

Keno and NEWBONUS - The Perfect Combination

Stake Originals Keno is a great game that players at Stake USA Social Casino can play for free. If you’re new to this online social gaming, residents in the United States (some exclusions apply) can sign up using our promo code to claim 250,000 Gold Coins and 25 free Stake Cash.

Gold Coins are used for fun and entertainment purposes only, whereas Stake Cash is the virtual currency that powers the promotional sweepstakes game mode. This is a free, no-purchase bonus but it’s only available by using the promo code NEWBONUS.
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