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5,000 Sweepstakes Coins Banked After Plinko Burst

08 Jul 2024
Leon Travers 08 Jul 2024
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  • Snoh joins the ever-growing list of Stake streamers who have secured a 1,000x max win on Stake Originals Plinko
  • The streamer played 5.00 Stake Cash, giving a return of 5,000 SC
  • This is one of the more manic wins due to Snoh’s aggressive scattergun Plinko strategy
  • What is Plinko and how can you play it for free
  • Streamer Smashes Her Way to Plinko Max Win
  • Plinko - One of the Best Stake Originals
  • Practice and Play Plinko for Free
With a max win of 1,000x, it stands to reason that we hear more news of Plinko big wins than other games like Stake Originals games like Mines and Limbo. However, that doesn’t make them any less exciting, as you can see from Snoh’s reaction.

Streamer Smashes Her Way to Plinko Max Win

For many players, Plinko is a relaxing game. You drop the balls at your own pace and see where they land. However, a new streamer, who is known to X (Twitter) as Snoh, has her own strategy.

Aggressively smashing the space bar on her keyboard, Snoh dropped 80+ balls in about 10 seconds. There were so many it was impossible to keep track of them all. 

Typically, I wouldn’t recommend this all-or-nothing scattergun approach, but it worked for Snoh, as one of the balls suddenly zipped over to the outside of the triangular board and found its home in the 1,000x multiplier slot.

This stopped in her tracks, as she couldn’t believe her luck. That first Plinko max win is always special. 

Plinko - One of the Best Stake Originals

Plinko is an iconic game at - the real money crypto casino, and it’s on its way to gaining the same status at Social Casino.

Based on the Japanese game Pachinko, the Plinko board has rows of pins that deflect and change the direction of the ball as it drops down. At the bottom, there are slots with various multiplier values that relate to your payouts.

In addition to being extremely easy to learn and play, Stake’s Plinko has three risk levels. You can also adjust the number of rows, so it’s highly customizable to your style and coin balance.

Low Risk

The lowest risk setting is to play with 8 rows and the risk on ‘Low’. This configuration offers nine slots at the bottom, with the lowest multiplier being worth 0.5x. However, the most you can win on this setting is 5.6x. That said, it’s good for new players to learn the ropes.

Also, on low-risk, you can play 16 rows. This has 17 slots at the bottom, with the multipliers ranging from 0.50x up to 16x. The RTP is set at 99% for all modes, so the long-term payouts are the same (on average).

Medium Risk

Medium risk has a slightly lower minimum win. For games using the 8-row set-up, the multipliers range from 0.4x up to 13x, while on 16 rows, it’s 0.3x and 110x. Any payout over 100 is great, so this is a good risk level for players who want to up the ante a little from the small multis.

High Risk

If you want to go for the big wins, high risk is the level setting you need. Of course, the bigger win potential is countered by smaller minimum multipliers, so it’s more boom or bust.

To play for the 1,000x max win like Snoh, the number of rows must be set to 16. This highlights how flexible Plinko is, which is what makes it an excellent betting strategy game.

Practice and Play Plinko for Free

You don’t need to practice Plinko to improve because it’s a game of chance. However, you can practice playing the game on different settings to find the one that suits you best.

The easiest way to practice and play Plinko for free is by using the social casino promo code - BETUSA

This code gets you plenty of no-purchase, no-deposit free coins. The minimum bet amount is also very small, so your GC and SC can really last a long time if you want them to.
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