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500 Stake Cash Instant Win - The Power of Keno

08 Jul 2024
Leon Travers 08 Jul 2024
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  • A player and streamer hit a delightful 500 SC instant win of the Stake Original, Keno
  • Keno is one of the most popular number games among online players
  • This Stake Originals variant is only available at Social Casino
  • Play your lucky keno numbers with the new player promotion code
  • “Let’s Go!” Streamer Shouts at 500 SC Keno Win
  • Keno With an RTP of 99%
  • Keno Strategy
  • Play Free Keno
Stake Originals Keno delivers a spectacular 100x big win, giving a new streamer a sublime 500 Stake Cash payout.

“Let’s Go!” Streamer Shouts at 500 SC Keno Win

Stake Originals continue to spill big wins. In recent months, I’ve written about huge payouts on Limbo, Mines, and Plinko. We can now add Keno to the list.

During a recent livestream, a player who goes by the X (formerly Twitter) name of Yungch0p, decided to try Keno for the first time. Is there such a thing as beginner’s luck? Yungch0p probably thinks so.

After loading the game, he set the risk level to low and picked six numbers, which were 8, 11, 21, 24, 34, and 35. Following that, he set the wager amount to 5.00 SC and hit Play.

Yungch0p matched five of the six numbers for a 100x win. 24 was the only number that didn’t hit. If he had nailed that, the payout would have been a whopping 700x. Still, Yungch0p was not complaining, having just increased his Stake Cash balance by 500 coins.

Keno With an RTP of 99%

One of the drawbacks of traditional keno games is that the RTP (for certain permutations) is truly awful. In some instances, it can be as low as 75%. However, Stake Originals Keno has an RTP of 99%, which is superb.

This variant is played with forty numbers (1 - 40). Players must select one to ten numbers in each game. Furthermore, Stake Keno has four risk settings: Classic, Low, Medium, and High, allowing players to customize the game to suit their style of play and the coin balance at their disposal.

The win multiplier changes depending on how many numbers are selected. Using the table below, you can see how the payouts vary for each risk level with ten numbers chosen.

Numbers Matched

Keno Strategy

Your keno strategy depends on your appetite for risk. I prefer playing all ten numbers because it gives you a chance to hit the 1,000x jackpot, which can be won on low, medium, and high risk levels.

With low risk, you’ll win small payouts by matching two or three numbers, which you don’t get on the high level. Typically, I choose medium as the 1.60x for three numbers helps to return coins to my balance. 

Another thing to consider is how much to play (or bet) each game. Keno is a fast-paced game that can eat through your coins if your numbers are cold. On the flip side, the wins can be incredible when you get lucky, like Yungch0p did.

Play Free Keno is a social casino, so you can enjoy keno for free. New players who register with the code BETUSA can claim 25 Stake Cash and 250,000 Gold Coins without making a purchase.

On top of that, you’ll receive the first daily login bonus, which is worth 10,000 GC and 1 SC. That means you can start playing right away with 26 Stake Cash and 260,000 Gold Coins. 
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