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    Online Casino Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid Cards at NJ Online Casinos

    Having trouble depositing with your debit or credit card? Then consider an NJ online casino prepaid card instead! With a high payment success rate and option to withdraw, prepaid cards are becoming the go-to payment choice in New Jersey.

    Almost every online casino in NJ offers their own card for your convenience. And signing up for the card is a simple task.

    Below you will find every online casino on the East Coast that offers their own prepaid card. Whether you want to play New Jersey slots or table games, depositing via this card is a solid choice.

    NJ Online Casinos that offer Prepaid Cards

    NJ online casinos that offer prepaid cards make it super simple to sign up and claim. First, you will need to create an account with one of the sites listed on this page. When you get to the cashier to make a deposit, choose the prepaid card option.

    You will then be prompted to sign up for the card by filling out an application. The casino will need certain details to check your identity. Usually, this will be your date of birth and social security number.

    Upon acceptance of the prepaid card, you will be able to start loading your balance by using a debit/credit card. You will then be able to instantly transfer funds into your online gaming account. As an added bonus, you will also receive a physical card in the post which can be used at ATMs. You can even use the card at the shops, providing they accept Discover.

    Flexibility is one of the major benefits of using the prepaid card. Even if you have used another method to deposit, you can still withdraw using the prepaid casino card. Best of all, there are no fees to pay by using this depositing method - unlike Neteller and Skrill e-wallet casino banking payments.

    Why choose Prepaid Card New Jersey Casinos?

    Payment acceptance is a big issue when playing online casino in New Jersey. Credit/ debit card deposits will often be declined - and the same goes for ACH (eCheck) payments as well. Trying to get funds into your account with these methods is a gamble all in itself.

    And the reason? It's due to American banks perception of online gambling in the U.S., which is currently limited to just three states. Nevada, Delaware and NJ all offer online gambling services in some capacity. When a bank sees a payment going to an online casino, even a regulated legal one, it's inevitable that alarm bells will ring. And this is why many NJ casinos will not recommend using debit/credit card for deposits.

    Prepaid Card Deposit Limits at NJ Online Casinos

    Every banking option in New Jersey has some kind of drawback. But for the most part, using a prepaid card is a relatively pain-free experience. The only aspect of the card which could cause problems is the depositing limits. These vary from casino to casino but for the most part, the limits are perfectly reasonable.

    For example, the limits at Betfair Online Casino NJ are as follows. There is a daily deposit limit of $2,000, a weekly limit of $4,500 and finally a monthly limit of $10,000. For VIP players, this deposit limit is far greater - with monthly limits increasing to $70,000!

    Alternatives to NJ Online Casino Prepaid Cards

    If you are offered the option of a prepaid card, then we highly recommend signing up for one. This method gives you so much flexibility compared to other depositing methods. If for whatever reasons you are not keen on the idea, then there are still some alternatives with high rates of depositing success.


    PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are all fast ways to deposit funds into your gaming account. You can also withdraw using any of these listed methods. PayPal is free to use when funding and depositing funds - but the same can't be said for Neteller or Skrill. Depending on the wallet funding method, you could be paying up to 10% in fees. Out of all the e-wallet solutions available, we recommend sticking with PayPal.

    Face to Face Cash deposits

    You can make a cash transaction by one of two ways; by using the PayNearMe facilities offered by 7-Eleven stores. Or by using the Cash at the Cage option at land-based casinos. Both of these methods offer a free and speedy method for getting money into your gaming account. In the case of the casino cage option, you can even use the cage to withdraw funds. In both cases, you will need documents and verification to prove who you are. And this is simply to protect your valuable personal information.

    Online Banking Transfer

    You can also make free deposits to your casino account via your bank. To use this method, choose the bank transfer option at the casino cashier and then log in to your respective bank account. Then all you have to do is authorize the payment and you can start enjoying your favorite casino games.

    Prepaid Casino Card in NJ FAQ

    Can I claim an NJ online casino bonus with a pre-paid card?

    Yes, you can still claim a bonus if you use a pre-paid card. You are depositing real money after all. If you do win real money from the bonus, you will have to find a way to withdraw the funds.

    How much cash can I add to a pre-paid card?

    The amount you can deposit to a prepaid card will vary - but Walmarts offering allows you to deposit up to $2,999. You can also have a max balance of $10,000 on the card.

    Can I withdraw using a prepaid card?

    The vast majority of prepaid card options in New Jersey will not allow you to withdraw to your card. There are some rare cards that do allow for withdrawals - but these same cards will charge a withdrawal fee once you go over a certain amount.

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