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    Online Casino Cash Deposits

    NJ Online Casino Cash Deposits

    Electronic payments dominate the NJ online casino scene. And despite their security and convenience, they are not always the fastest way to fund your account. Sometimes, a more traditional face to face approach is required.

    Real money NJ online casino patrons can take advantage of cash deposits via two methods. By using the Cash at the Cage facilities in Atlantic City. Or by using the PayNearMe service offered by 7-Elevens.

    In the following table, you will find all the New Jersey casinos that offer cage facilities and PayNearMe depositing options.

    For speedy deposits and withdrawals, nothing beats these direct payment methods. The only drawback? They are location dependent - and pose problems for people with low mobility options.

    PayNearMe NJ Online Casinos

    PayNearMe is a service offered all across New Jersey in 7-Eleven stores. Using this payment option, patrons can quickly deposit funds with minimal stress. And that is why PayNearMe NJ online casinos are a popular choice for players who have problems with payment rejections. 

    To deposit via PayNearMe, you will first need to head to your online casino and select to pay by cash. The option can also be called "Cash at 7-Eleven". You will then be issued a barcode; you can either print this barcode off or have it sent to your mobile device.

    Once you have the barcode, you will need to head to your nearest 7-Eleven. Finally, you will need to show the representative your code and deliver the deposit. This method of depositing is fast and you should see the funds hit your account within minutes.

    How much does it cost to make PayNearMe NJ online casino deposits? It's absolutely free! There are no extra charges to worry about if you deposit using the service.

    There are two drawbacks to note using PayNearMe as your primary payment method. For one, there is a $500 limit on transactions. If you want to deposit more than this, then you should consider alternatives. Secondly, you can't withdraw your winnings using the PayNearMe facilities. That means you are going to have to find an alternative cash out option. Despite these slight negatives, we still recommend PayNearMe. 

    Cash at the Cage NJ Online Casinos

    All real money online casinos in NJ have to be licensed by a land-based casino in Atlantic City. This was one of the main stipulations for regulated gambling in the State.  These land-based casinos are directly linked to their online counterparts. And that means; you can use their cage facilities to finance your online account!

    To use the casino cage, you will have to travel to the specific casino in Atlantic City. Some are quite obvious: Tropicana Online Casino, for example, would require a visit to the Tropicana Hotel. But did you know you could also visit the Tropicana Hotel to fund your Virgin Online Casino NJ account?

    Before you head into Atlantic City, make sure you check which casino your chosen website is licensed by. You will also need to gather some documentation to verify your details. Driver's license, passport or government-issued photo ID are all valid. Don't worry: they need this information to ensure the protection of your personal details. And to make sure no one else is trying to access your account.

    If you are located near Atlantic City, this is the ideal way to fund your account. You also get one more benefit of using the cage that you don't get with PayNearMe; you can withdraw your casino winnings! Using the Cash at the Cage option is, in fact, one of the quickest ways to get your winnings from NJ online casinos. The process is virtually the same; you will need to visit the respective casino and provide ID. 

    You may also have to contact the casino ahead of time and let them know that you are coming to withdraw. If the casino does need notice, then you might want to consider using live chat if it is available.

    Other Depositing Options at NJ Online Casinos

    Both PayNearMe and Cash at the Cage are reliant on your location. This can be inconvenient for many NJ online casino patrons. This is one of the reasons why electronic methods are so popular. If you can't make a deposit face to face, then here are some other options for you to try.


    E-wallet payments like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill are flexible and fast. There's no need to travel to a specific location; you just need to login to your online account. From there, you can authorize casino payments - you can even withdraw using e-wallets. Be cautious using Neteller or Skrill, however; both of these methods charge some hefty fees. 

    Prepaid Cards

    Many NJ online casinos offer a prepaid card option - which acts like a cross between an e-wallet and a debit card. To use a prepaid card, you will have to apply first at your chosen casino. Once you have completed the application, you will be able to start funding your account straight away. You will also receive a physical card in the post after 7 - 10 working days. The card can not only be used for withdrawals - you will also be able to use it at ATMs and even shops!

    Cash casino deposit options FAQ

    What is cash at the cage?

    This is a universal term to describe making deposits or withdrawing money direct from the casino in Atlantic City. To use this service, you will need to provide some form of identification. And you may have to ring ahead to let the facility know you are coming.

    If you are playing with a white label site, you will need to know which casino is the licensee. You will then need to visit the facility in Atlantic City.

    Is cash at the cage safe?

    Yes, it's very safe. You are in essence handing your funds over to the casino directly, with no middle men involved. There's no data transferred - so no cybercriminals can get access to your details or the money you are depositing. The only drawback is the convenience of having to visit the brand in question.

    Can you withdraw from the casino cage?

    Yes, you can make withdrawals direct from the casino cage. But you will need some identification in order to complete the transaction. Some sites also require that you contact the casino first before making a withdrawal.

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