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13 Mar 2024
Mia Wright 13 Mar 2024
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  • Based on the old mechanical game Pachinko that originated in Japan
  • Plinko offers a juicy 1,000x multiplier win max payout
  • Full guide to playing Plinko at with both gold coins and Stake Cash
  • What is Plinko?
  • How to Play Plinko at
  • Free Plinko
  • Plinko Guide - FAQs
Drop the ball from the top of the triangular-shaped pin pyramid and follow its path down to one of the multiplier values at the bottom.

What is Plinko?

Visit an old-school arcade and the chances are that you’ve seen the Japanese game Pachinko or a close variant of it. Most arcade versions used coins, and the machines had three slots at the top with directional flappers so you could choose where to let your coin go. 

You’d then watch as the coin weaved its way down the pinned wall, constantly changing direction as it hit the metal pins on each row. At the bottom were different values (multipliers), and the slot where your coin fell in would determine the number of coins (or tickets) you got back. Plinko takes that concept and, with a few modifications, has made it into a provably fair digital game. Plinko is played on a triangular-shaped vertical board, so the starting point is in one fixed position. Additionally, instead of using coins, Plinko has balls. Other than those changes, the basic mechanics of the game are the same.

How to Play Plinko at

Plinko is a classic game of chance. You drop the ball from the top and hold your breath as it drops down the board, bouncing off of the pins and changing direction. 

The location where the ball finishes at the bottom determines the payout, with the higher multipliers located on the left and rightmost slots and the lowest-value wins put in the center.

Although the gameplay is extremely simplistic, Plinko is an immersive game that is guaranteed to deliver fun and excitement. Akin to Crash games, the secret to your success is managing your coin balance effectively to survive the small wins (0.2x multipliers) until the variance changes and the bigger wins flow.

One of the tactics you can use to control the variance is by tinkering with:

The Risk Level: There are three risk levels: low, medium, and high. Low risk provides a more balanced range of multipliers. It doesn’t offer many outstanding wins, but you won’t face massive losses, either. 

At the opposite end, high-risk gives you the chance of 1,000x wins but a greater chance of dramatic losses, with several slots only paying 0.2x of your bet amount.

The Number of Rows: You can choose how many rows (8 to 16) you want to play. More rows equal more pins, which increases the chances of the balls changing direction, usually away from the big wins.

Low-Risk Level

The table below shows the potential payouts of Plinko with the risk set to low.

Number of Rows
Number of Bottom Slots
Minimum Payout (x)
Maximum Payout (x)

As is shown, the max payouts are not that high, but you are guaranteed to win at least half (0.5) of your bet amount back on each round.

Medium-Risk Level

On the medium level, the maximum payouts increase, but so does the possibility of hitting some smaller wins.

Number of Rows
Number of Bottom Slots
Minimum Payout (x)
Maximum Payout (x)

High-Risk Level

If you want to play on the high-risk, the minimum payout is 1/5 of your bet, and the ball will land in one of these slots quite often. However, the upside is that you can win payouts up to 1,000x if you play 16 rows.

Number of Rows
Number of Bottom Slots
Minimum Payout (x)
Maximum Payout (x)

Free Plinko

Plinko is typically a game of high-risk, high reward; however, has changed the game. This is a social casino with sweepstakes, which means that you can play free Plinko every day without spending a dime.

New players who take advantage of American Casinos’ exclusive bonus code can claim 25 free Stake Cash and 250,000 GC. That is enough for hundreds of rounds of free sweepstakes Plinko, all with a chance of winning real prizes. 

You can also play for fun with friends using free gold coins. These are available through the login bonus - 10,000 a day - and other promotions. Ultimately, you can now enjoy the thrills, spills, near misses, and big wins with no financial risk. Put simply; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Plinko Guide - FAQs

Where can I play free Plinko in the US? social casino is the best place to play free Plinko in America. You can play with gold coins and Stake Cash. The former is purely for fun and entertainment, while the latter is promotional play where you can win real prizes.

What is the best Plinko strategy?

Plinko is a game of chance, so there isn’t a gameplay strategy that can improve your chances of winning. However, players can change the level of risk and number of rows to help manage their bankroll. If you hit a few wins and have a positive balance, you can increase the risk and go for higher multipliers.

What does provably fair Plinko mean?

Provably fair means that the results of each game you play can be verified to ensure the outcome was in way manipulated after the bet was placed.

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