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13 Mar 2024
Mia Wright 13 Mar 2024
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Or copy link bonus drop codes are an integral part of this operator’s social media promotions package. This guide explains the various types of drop code bonuses and how to claim them.

  • bonus drops come in different shapes, sizes, and intervals, ranging from Daily Bonus Code drops for regular players and high rollers to special bonus drops for exclusive events.
  • Players get exclusive bonus codes from’s Telegram, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram pages
  • Most bonus drops have minimum entry requirements. This guide will help you understand which codes you can claim
  • bonus codes are not the same as promo codes. We explain the difference
  • What are Bonus Drop Codes?
  • Daily Bonus Drops
  • High Roller Bonus Drops
  • Drake VS Stake Bonus Drops
  • How Bonus Drops Work
  • How to Claim a Bonus Drop Code
  • Other Promotions
  • Registration Bonus
  • Daily Login Bonus
  • 50M GC Daily Race
  • Weekly Raffle
  • Bonus Drop Codes - FAQs keeps existing players engaged with its social media and messenger channels by offering regular bonus drops. If you’re a regular player, here’s how you can get free Gold Coins and Stake Cash with drop codes.

What are Bonus Drop Codes?

New players who sign up using our promo code will receive an exclusive no-purchase registration bonus. However, bonus drops are existing customers.

Bonus drop codes are exactly what they say on the tin. They are one-time-use codes that you use to claim a specific bonus drop, which is usually free coins. 

In a nutshell, bonus drops are one of many promotional offers players can take advantage of to earn extra coins without making a purchase. These can be split into three main types.

Daily Bonus Drops rewards its high-frequency players with Daily Bonus Drops via X, Telegram, and Instagram. You need to have wagered a specific amount of GC and SC over the last week to be eligible to claim one of these drops. 

Furthermore, the Daily Bonus Drops typically operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with the reward given to the first 1,000 eligible players.

High Roller Bonus Drops

In February 2024, launched High Roller Bonus Drops. These work in the same way as the regular daily bonus drops, but the eligibility requirements are higher as is the bonus drop amount. In addition, the bonus drop code for high rollers is only available on its dedicated Telegram channel.

Drake VS Stake Bonus Drops

The well-known musician Drake is a high-profile Stake ambassador. Among the collaborations he and Stake participate in are Drake VS Stake live streams. There are always bonus drops for these exclusive events, with Stake usually giving away over $1,000,000 in prizes.

How Bonus Drops Work

Unlike the monthly bonus, which is open to everyone, bonus drops have certain qualification requirements that exclude some players. 

Having monitored X, Instagram and Telegram channels of for some time, its bonus drops are relatively standardized in terms of the reward. This is what’s up for grabs from a regular bonus drop.

  • Total Drop Limit: 5,000SC & 50,000,000GC 
  • Value (Per player): 5SC & 50,000GC 
  • Requirements: 3,000SC played in the last 7 days  

As you can see, only players who have wagered 3,000 SC (Stake Cash) in the past seven days are eligible. Also, these offers are only for the first 1,000 claimants. Once the total drop limit is reached, the bonus drop code will not work.

For the High Rollers, the value of bonus drops tends to range between 12.50 Stake Cash and 50.00 Stake Cash. Each drop has its own playthrough requirements, as shown below:

Total Drop
12.50 SC50,000 SC played in the last 7 days50,000 SC
25.00 SC100,000 SC played in the last 7 days50,000 SC
50.00 SC200,000 SC played in the last 7 days50,000 SC

How to Claim a Bonus Drop Code

The bonus drops are only found on social media and Telegram (High Roller drops are exclusive to Telegram). 

Therefore, you need to be tuned into these channels, ideally with all notifications switched on so that you are one of the first to act. The following steps explain how to redeem your bonus code.

  1. When posts news of its latest bonus drop, act quickly. Make a note (or copy) the drop code. Note that the code changes daily, so using an old one will not work.
  2. Open your account and click on your 'Account Profile'.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Offers’. Type in or paste the Twitter bonus drop code.

If the code is still valid, meaning you are one of the first 1,000 players, the free coins are credited to your account and ready for you to use.

Other Promotions

No deposit or purchase is necessary to play at, so there are many other bonuses and promotions where players can load up with extra coins, including:

Registration Bonus doesn’t promote a registration bonus but if you use the links on and the promo code NEWBONUS, you will get 250,000 GC and 25 free Stake Cash (no purchase required).

After completing the 3x Stake Cash wagering requirement, players can redeem this virtual currency for real prizes, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. The redemption value is 1 SC = 1 USD.

Daily Login Bonus

The concept of a social casino is to give players free coins regularly so they can continue to play. Although has an abundance of promotions, the Daily Login Bonus delivers guaranteed free coins. 

When you log in for the first time each day, you can claim 10,000 GC and 1.00 SC. If you don’t receive the bonus, try logging out and then back in again, as this resets your activity time on the platform.

50M GC Daily Race runs a daily leaderboard competition that has a prize pool of 50,000,000 Gold Coins. The amount you play through the day reflects the number of points you have on the leaderboard. All players who finish the day in the top 100 win a share of 50M prize. Weekly Raffle

The Weekly Raffle at is an unmissable event with a total prize pool of 2500M Gold Coins and 25,000 Stake Cash.

To get an entry ticket, you need to play through 1,000 SC (over the previous 7 days). There is no maximum limit as to how many tickets you can collect. The draw takes place every Saturday during Eddie’s live stream, which can be viewed on Bonus Drop Codes - FAQs

Are bonus codes and promo codes the same?

No, they are not. Our Stake social casino promo code NEWBONUS is exclusively for the new player registration bonus, whereas bonus codes only apply to the social media bonus drops.

Is there a limit on how many bonus drops I can claim from

No, if you qualify and you are one of the first 1,000 players to redeem the code, then you’ll collect the bonus. It is first come, first serve.

How much is the bonus drop?

Typically, the Stake bonus drop is worth five Stake Cash and 50,000 gold coins. However, the new high roller bonus drops can be worth as much as 50 free Stake Cash.

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