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Roulette pro who risked it all and won $270,000 at the Plaza strikes it rich... Again

06 Nov 2019
Tom Blackwell 06 Nov 2019
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Ashley Revell might just be the ballsiest of gamblers...
Ashley Revell Wins at the Plaza
The man who risked it all and won $270,000 at the Plaza has returned - this time to commemorate the casino's new Single Zero Roulette table. And he's only gone and won yet again...

In 2004, Ashley Revell made history when he bet everything he had on red at the Plaza. That $135,000 bet paid off spectacularly as he doubled his money to $270,600 on a Red 7 win.

To celebrate the launch of their new Single Zero Roulette tables, Plaza invited Mr Revell back - who even made a ceremonial bet. A bet in which he won.  For the full story details, continue reading below.

Quick Facts

  • Plaza Hotel and Casino launches Single Zero Roulette tables
  • Ashley Revel returns to Plaza after winning $270,000 15 years ago
  • Wins again on a ceremonial bet 
  • New promotion gives players $25 in promotional chips if ball lands in Red 7

Roulette Pro who risked it all

You may have already heard of Ashley Revell. He's the man who sold all his possessions, gathered his life savings and played a 50/50 bet on the roulette tables at the Plaza. That $135,000 wager and $270,000 win was captured on TV and has been viewed millions of times to date.

Ashley Revell Wins on Red

The bet is so famous - it even inspired Simon Cowell's TV show Red or Black. Mr Revell was invited back to the Plaza Hotel and Casino to celebrate the launch of the new Single Zero Roulette tables. The launch party was held on November 2nd.

Of course, the legendary gambler wasted no time in making a ceremonial bet. And of course, he bet on red once again and won. He didn't bet his life savings this time - but he made a sizeable wager.

Speaking of the Plaza's new table, Mr Revell said

“Single 0 roulette wasn’t around back then. Clearly a lot has changed in gaming and at the Plaza. So, I am excited to return, and hopefully, we can all celebrate another successful roulette spin.”

Single Zero Roulette at the Plaza

Downtown Las Vegas now has a Single Zero Roulette table - and it is exclusively available at the Plaza. More roulette risk-takers like Mr Revell will surely flock to this exciting new game.

Ashley Revell Playing on single zero roulette table

Unlike the majority of Vegas tables - Plaza's new attraction takes a European twist on roulette. The double zero is nowhere to be found, resulting in a lower house edge. And that means - better potential returns for you.

Launching with the new table is the Plaza's Red 7 promotion. Guests who play on the Single Zero Roulette table can win a $25 promotional chip if the ball lands in Red 7. The promotion will be available until November 7th.

You will find this new table in the Plaza's newly refurbished local sports-themed part pit. Guests are encouraged to take pictures and share their wins on social media using the hashtag, #PlazaScore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ashley Revell?

A famous gambler who risked his life savings on an even money bet at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Ashley Revell wagered $135,000 and won $270,600 when the ball landed in Red 7. The win was broadcast on television and can be viewed in a viral Youtube video.

What is single zero roulette?

It's a roulette wheel that uses a single green zero pocket - resulting in a lower house edge. This wheel format is commonly used at European casinos, hence why it is often known as European Roulette. This wheel is more advantageous for the player and is now available exclusively at Plaza Hotel and Casino.

What is the house edge of single zero roulette?

The house edge of single zero roulette (or European Roulette) is 2.70%.

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