Find the best NJ online roulette games to play at licensed New Jersey casinos. Understand rules, strategy and find bonus codes to play online roulette.

    New Jersey Online Roulette Games

    • Features Min Bet Style Bottom Line
      • Cutting edge graphical interface
      • Hot and cold number stats
      • Authentic roulette experience
      $0.10 Double Zero One of the most comfortable roulette playing experiences in New Jersey. Fantastic customization and advanced options for experienced players.
      • Superb graphics and animation
      • Rich statistics: graphs, charts, hot numbers
      • Optional Racetrack view
      $0.10 Single Zero Better odds than American wheels and a clean aesthetic. Roulette at its best.
      • Luxurious French style betting table
      • Deluxe range of betting options
      • Statistics like cold numbers
      $0.10 Single Zero A classy roulette experience that will appeal to VIP players and high rollers.
      • Unique double wheel with more betting opportunities
      • Above average 98.06% RTP
      • Crystal clear graphics and sound
      $1.00 Double Zero Want more payout potential from your roulette play? This one's for you.
      • Realistic video wheel
      • Complete rounds in seconds with instant bet
      • Easy to use interface
      $0.10 Single Zero Instant bet option gives you one of the quickest NJ online roulette experiences around.
      • Gorgeous table design
      • Save eight of your favorite bets
      • Speed up game play with turbo mode
      $0.10 Double Zero If you like convenience in your roulette games, then look no further. Instantly load your favourite bets and start gaming faster.
      • Deluxe table design
      • Save most used bets
      • Turbo mode for faster game rounds
      $0.10 Single Zero Roulette with some much needed quality of life features.
      • Range of betting statistics
      • Optional racetrack betting option
      • Deluxe graphics and sound
      $0.10 Double Zero Emulating a classy VIP roulette experience is tough. But Gamesys pull it off effortlessly.

    Best NJ Online Roulette Casinos

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    BetMGM Casino

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      bet365 Casino NJ

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        Borgata Casino

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          Party Casino NJ

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            Caesars Casino

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              Unibet Casino NJ

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                PlaySugarHouse Casino

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                  Roulette is another popular game enjoyed all over the world. Online roulette has proven to be just as popular and offers top payouts to players. There are a number of variations to the game from the classic European roulette, American roulette, French roulette variations to more innovative versions like Mike Tyson roulette. You can choose to play for free, against the computer, versus a live dealer; the choices are simply endless. 

                  Online casino gamers are in the golden age of gambling; new NJ online casino bonus codes are virtually launching every single week! That means you can look forward to big bonuses thanks to all of the friendly competition between casinos. At, you will find the latest and best gambling establishments available to NJ patrons and the most attractive bonus codes to use.

                  How to play NJ Online Roulette

                  Roulette is a fun and easy game to play; but how do you actually get started?  

                  • Firstly, you’ll need to select a suitable casino. Check our list of top New Jersey Roulette Casinos to find one that suits you. 
                  • Navigating to the roulette is easy enough on any site, but you’ll need to select a game: There are three varieties of roulette: American, European and French. 
                  • Once you have selected your game, simply place your bet and click ‘spin’, to launch the ball. 
                  • When the result is announced, you’ll see your chips disappear or your winnings accrue, and you’re free to redistribute your chips or bank your winnings as you wish by clicking and dragging your chips.

                  Each online roulette game will have a unique set of rules; for example European Roulette and French Roulette have 37 numbers on the wheel, while American Roulette has 38 numbers on the wheel and these factors impact the return to player odds. 

                  How Much Can You Win in Roulette?

                  The payout possibilities differ depending on the roulette version you choose to play.  Here’s a list of the typical payouts you can expect when playing NJ roulette online.

                  • Straight up Bets Pay 35:1
                  • Spit Bets Pay 17:1
                  • Street Bets Pay 11:1
                  • Corner Bets Pay 8:1
                  • Five Number Bets Pay 6:1
                  • Six Number Bets Pay 5:1
                  • Red/Black Bets Pay 1:1
                  • Odd and Even Bets Pay 1:1
                  • Low or High Bets Pay 1:1
                  • Column Bets Pay 2:1
                  • Dozen Bets Pay 2:1

                  What are the different types of bets when playing NJ roulette?

                  When placing your bets you can choose from two types of bets: “outside bets” and “inside bets,” each of which have their pros and cons.

                  Outside Bets
                  These bets are wagers placed on large groupings of slots, on pocket colour, or on odd or even numbers. This type of bet gives you a better chance of winning but offers a lower payout when you do. The following are outside bets:

                  • Column Bet - At the end of each horizontal line there is a square marked 2 to 1. When you place your chip there, you are betting on all the numbers in that column.

                  • Dozen Bet - Chips placed on any of the 3 squares directly beneath the inside rectangle, marked "1st 12," "2nd 12" and 3rd 12." This is a bet on all the numbers included in the corresponding third of the rectangle.

                  • Red/Black Bet - Place your chip on either the red or the black square to bet that the winning number will be that colour.

                  • Even/Odd Bet - Place your chip on either the odd or the even square to bet that the winning number will either be an odd or an even number.

                  • High/Low Bet - Place your chip on either the 1-18 (low) or the 19-36 (high) square to bet that the winning number will either be a low number or a high number.

                  Inside Bets
                  These are bets on individual numbers or small groups of numbers. These types of wagers have a lower a probability of hitting, but usually pay out well when they do. The following are considered inside bets:

                  • Straight Up - A bet placed on any individual number, including 0 & 00

                  • Split Bet - Chips placed on the line between any two numbers splits the bet between those two numbers.

                  • Square Bet - Chips placed on the corner between four numbers splits the bet between those four numbers.

                  • Street Bet - Chips placed on the line at the end of a row, which splits the bet between the three numbers in that row.

                  • Line Bet - A chip placed at the end of a row, but on the line, divides the bet between the six numbers included in both the rows.

                  • Top Bet - Much like a Line bet, a chip placed on the corner between the 0 and the 1 or the 00 and the 3 divides the bet between the five numbers in those two rows.

                  • Basket Bet - A chip placed on the corner where the numbers 0, 1 and 2 meet, or on the corner where 00, 2 and 3 meet divides your bet between those 3 numbers.

                  Roulette Terminology

                  Various terms are used in roulette parlance, including the following:

                  • American Roulette - This version of roulette has 38 numbers including a 0 and a 00. This game has a house edge of 5.26%.

                  • Ball – is what goes around the roulette wheel. Where it lands after the wheel is spun determines the winning number and colour

                  • Call Bets - these bets are placed when vocalizing them to the roulette dealer at the table.

                  • Combination Bet - is when you use one or more chips in the same position to bet on more than one number at the same time

                  • Croupier - the roulette dealer is known as the croupier.

                  • Double Zero - the 00 found on American Roulette wheels.

                  • Dozen Bets - these are bets on sets of 12 numbers including the first dozen, second dozen and third dozen.

                  • European Roulette - This is the most popular version of roulette and has 37 numbers including a 0, featuring a house edge of 2.70%. 

                  • French Roulette - Has 37 numbers including a 0. This game has a house edge of 2.70%. 

                  • Inside Bets - these are bets placed on the inside selections of the roulette wheel i.e. the numbers.

                  • La Partage - this is similar to the En Prison rule where the player only loses 50% of the bet if even-money bets are placed in the ball lands in the 0 slot.

                  • Orphelins - this is used in European Roulette casinos and refers to neighbors on the roulette wheel.

                  • Straight Up Bets - bets on individual numbers in roulette games.

                  • Table Limit – is how much you can place on a specific bet.

                  • Tiers Du Cylindre - another European Roulette term referring to a group of numbers on the roulette wheel which are paired neighbors.

                  • Wheel – Is the main focus of the game and is what the ball spins around. The wheel has little pockets with numbers on them. If you are playing European Roulette you will see numbers 1 to 36 with a single 0 and a double 0 if it’s American Roulette. 

                  • Voisins du Zero - translates as “neighbours of zero” and is a term for betting on the 17 numbers on a roulette wheel from 22 to 25.

                  New Jersey Mobile Roulette

                  You can play online mobile roulette at all New Jersey licensed Casinos but its worth noting that you will not be able to play all versions available in the desktop version. All casinos will offer an app for Android and iOS phones but typically you will only be able to play European Roulette 

                  NJ Online Roulette vs Live Roulette: What's the difference?

                  NJ live dealer games have finally arrived in the Garden State. And New Jersey patrons are relishing the chance to play authentic casino games in their own home. The biggest difference between virtual games and live games is the interactivity. When you play a virtual game, you play against the computer - and the results are determined by a random number generator. These type of roulette games are excellent if you wish to practice or want much quicker game rounds. But they can lack that human touch you get from visiting an Atlantic City casino.

                  Live casino is very much the opposite of virtual roulette and adds that all-important human factor. In these games, you don't play against a computer - you play with a real croupier. And this makes for a 100% more social experience. The games are filmed from a special studio and then streamed directly to your playing device. Typically, these live rooms are themed after deluxe casinos - with lighting and atmosphere carefully designed to fit the mood. 

                  The best feature of live dealer casino is the fact you can have a chat with the croupier. Whether you want to say hello, compliment what they are wearing or just ask how their day is going - these dealers put your entertainment as their top priority. The added benefit of playing live games is the knowledge that you are playing with real people. And that can improve the experience significantly.

                  New Jersey Online Roulette Games: Where should you play?

                  If you reside in NJ and want to play online roulette games then there's good news. Literally, every online casino in the state offers some form of roulette. That means you have 18 sites to choose from. The only problem that patrons face is the sheer selection on offer. Every site offers their own range of roulette games - and some have a more generous selection than others. It's clear that some websites prefer to prioritize other games like NJ online slots for example. 

                  To make the choice simple, we have reviewed the roulette offerings at every casino in the state. If you need more details of the games on offer, we recommend checking out our in-depth NJ online casino reviews.

                  888 Casino

                  With Evolution Live Dealer games in their portfolio, 888 Casino NJ is shaping up to be one of the most compelling roulette choices in the state. The casino boasts five virtual games including three types of American Roulette and two European games. The casino also offers live American Roulette courtesy of Evolution. 

                  One thing to note is that 888 is sure to appeal to big budget players. Three of the five games have high stake limits. Unfortunately, there is no option to road test the games with a demo mode.

                  Tropicana Casino 

                  Tropicana offers three types of virtual roulette: Single Zero Roulette, Single Zero High Limit Roulette and American Roulette. The presentation of each game is exceptional. The wheel spins as if you are in a real casino and the background chatter adds to the atmosphere. And the high limits table is there for some adventurous betting action. There is a demo mode available to test the games first - and an information page is also available for some additional reading.

                  Virgin Casino

                  Tropicana's sister site Virgin Casino NJ is virtually the same in their roulette gaming offering. That means the same three types of roulette. One aspect to note about each of these games is there is a turbo spin feature for quicker game rounds. Once you have placed your bet, you can press instant to let the game instantly skip to the results. This is perfect if you wish to cram in as many game rounds as possible.

                  Scores Casino

                  You will find three types of roulette at Scores Online Casino. Both European and American roulette tables are available as standard. But there is an interesting third option in the form of 3 Wheel Roulette. The rewards in this game are 3x more valuable - but the house edge is also increased. If you want to add some extra volatility to your roulette experience - this wheel comes recommended. There is no demo mode or live dealer options available. 

                  Pala Casino

                  Pala Casino shares the same Borgata license as Scores and their gaming selections are identical. One thing we will say is that Pala is far more active with their promotional schedule - and will occasionally offer table game bonuses. It is best to provide the site with your email address if you wish to get the first glimpse of new offers.

                  Resorts Online Casino

                  With 8 NJ online roulette games available on their website, Resorts Casino boasts one of the best virtual selections around. 3 Wheel Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette all make an appearance. This casino also features table games by developer NetEnt. With stunning graphics and unmatched presentation, these games are in a class of their own.

                  Resorts NJ Casino is a fantastic site to play roulette at - mostly due to the top tier software. Not only is the lobby easy to navigate, but each game is rated by the player base. This means at a mere glance, you can see what your fellow players are rating. Each game also comes with a free play option and an additional information page for even more details.

                  Mohegan Sun Casino

                  As is usually the case with sites that share the same license, there are only small differences between Resorts and Mohegan Sun. Gaming wise, the sites are identical. You will find the same 8 online roulette games. Even the lobby is practically unchanged, with Mohegan boasting a more calming orange. While it's best to try both brands out before deciding which one would appeal to you - both offer an equally deluxe gaming selection.

                  Pokerstars Casino

                  Pokerstars are light in the online roulette department with only two games to choose from. They also do not have any live dealer options. The two games offered are European Roulette and the more exciting Double Ball Roulette. In this game, you bet on the result of two balls. While this does add an interesting twist to the classic casino game, it's best to be wary of the much higher variance.

                  SugarHouse Casino

                  Looking for a sweet NJ online roulette selection? Check out the SugarHouse Online Casino NJ, where you will find several virtual games including American Roulette. These games were developed by NetEnt and offer the best virtual table experience to date. There is a lack of options in terms of demo play, which makes trying the games difficult. Where this casino shines is in the live offering. This is one of only a handful of sites that boast Evolution live dealer games. If you want a first-class roulette experience with beautiful dealers - then there isn't a sweeter casino out there.

                  BetMGM Casino

                  Licensed by Borgata, BetMGM are another essential choice for those that prefer live dealer games. American Roulette is offered in both a virtual version and a far more interactive live version. These can be difficult to find however due to the cluttered lobby. Some options to filter games by type would also be welcome. Finally, there is also a lack of any free play features. You can use a favorite function to curate your perfect games list, however.

                  Party Casino

                  Party Casino is yet another Borgata Hotel Resort & Spa licensed online casino - but they do not share all of the same games as BetMGM. The live dealer games are instead replaced with some extra virtual games like Double Bonus Spin Roulette. While the casino does boast an active weekly promotional schedule - these offers are tailored for slots players. There is however a weekly booster that can award table game only bonuses.

                  Ocean Resorts Casino

                  Despite having one of the strongest NJ online slots offering, Ocean Resorts Casino is lacking in the roulette department. In fact, they only have one single virtual game and no live options. But there is hope, the site was only recently launched - and just underwent a massive upgrade of their slots section. We can expect the same will be done for their table games in the not so distant future.

                  Harrah's Casino NJ

                  Slots wise, Harrah's is one of the best casinos in the Garden State. Their roulette however fails to live up to the same expectations. You will find only four types of roulette at the casino and no live games. These games include Standard Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette. The lobby is easy to navigate to find roulette games, but for games like NJ online blackjack, you may struggle. Over cluttering can become an issue when lots of games are visible.

                  Golden Nugget Online Casino

                  If you're looking for the best New Jersey online roulette casino, then nothing tops the Golden Nugget. Not only does the casino have 9 virtual games - but it also has a diverse selection of live roulette dealer games as well. This includes one of the most innovative live experiences in the state; a game of roulette filmed directly from the casino floor! This puts the phrase front row seat in a whole new context.

                  What we love about the site is the game lobby - which is effortless to use and comes packed with features. Player game reviews, demo mode and game information pages are just a few of the highlights. You also have a range of filters and game sorting options to find your ideal game. Don't like the way the lobby looks? Change it; you can opt for a grid view or sort the games into an easy to follow list. The Golden Nugget roulette experience is unmatched in the Garden State.

                  Borgata Online Casino

                  Borgata compliment their ludicrous slots selection with four virtual roulette games, including the ever popular Double Bonus Spin Roulette. It's easy to see why this game of roulette is a fan favorite. Delicious high variance action and the chance to win up to 1200x multiplier. There is also European and American roulette wheels, both which come with flashy graphics and immersive sounds.

                  Hard Rock Online Casino

                  If you want to rock the roulette tables hard, then nothing beats Hard Rock Casino NJ. And the site is now better than ever with the recent partnership of Evolution live dealer games. This means you can enjoy live dealer action on your mobile, tablet or PC. You will also find a range of virtual table games including European Roulette and American Roulette. There is also Roulette Master, which could be considered the most immersive and impressive virtual roulette game to date. If you do choose to enjoy table games at Hard Rock, you also get to take advantage of their Wheel of Rock bonus promotion. Collect enough points and you could trade for more roulette bonus cash. 

                  Betfair Casino

                  Betfair is the perfect NJ online roulette casino. There are several live games, there's a range of virtual tables and every game comes with its own demo mode. The free play option is only available to players who sign up however. For live games, you have two choices: normal live roulette or a far more exciting multi-view version. This game gets you close to the action like never before with a thrilling camera setup which captures the action in stunning detail.

                  The casino also boasts Roulette Advanced, Roulette Master, Roulette Royale and Double Bonus Spin Roulette. The casino is home to the NetEnt European Roulette game. The Swedish developer creates a special experience for their own virtual roulette with crystal clear graphics and gentle jazz background music. 

                  There's also a deluxe VIP plan in place for active players - there are a total of five levels available, with new rewards at each milestone. VIP bonuses, events, gifts and even your own VIP host - this is probably the best loyalty scheme in New Jersey.

                  NJ Online Roulette FAQ

                  Is online roulette legal in New Jersey?

                  Playing online roulette games in New Jersey is 100% legal and safe. When online gambling was greenlit in 2013 - it paved the way for legit online roulette games in the State.

                  What roulette can I play online in NJ?

                  Each casino has their own selection of online roulette games. Alongside traditional American roulette, you will also find European and French tables as well.

                  Can I play online roulette free in New Jersey?

                  Yes, you can. There are two options available for free roulette play. You can either claim a no deposit bonus - or use the demo mode functionality.

                  What is the best bet in roulette?

                  The best way to win in roulette is by betting exclusively on the outside. A red/black bet gives you the close to 50% winning odds.