Legal American sports betting set to be profitable for NBA & MLB

A new report commissioned by the AGA shows that NBA & MLB could collectively earn $1.7 billion from legal American sports betting.

The NBA & MLB are set to see significant earnings off the back of legal American sports betting.

A new report commissioned by the AGA shows that the two major sports leagues could collectively earn $1.7 billion.

Major League Baseball annual revenues could increase by $1.1 billion. While the National Basketball Association is also set to profit with an extra $585 million. 

This is all thanks to legal sports betting in American - which has been made possible with the overturning of PASPA earlier in the year.

The study, conducted by Nielsen Sports, also showed that fan engagement could also send revenues soaring. Increased ticket sales and additional sponsorships could produce over $1 billion in extra revenue.

Sara Slane, Senior Vice President of public affairs said: 

The four major sports leagues will earn a collective $4.2 billion from widely available legal sports betting, further proving that working together with the gaming industry will pay dividends for all sports stakeholders

She also commented that the legal American sports betting industry could create new jobs, generate more tax revenues and support smaller businesses.

This is not the first study conducted by the AGA analyzing how sports betting could impact the major sports leagues. A previous study showed how both the NFL and NHL could also see a massive increase in earnings. Collectively, these two leagues could see a stunning £2.3 billion in extra revenue.

However, not everyone is happy about the continued growth of American sports betting. In a recent post PASPA meeting, calls for new legislation created some unease. 

Protestors commented on the increased danger of online gambling advertisements aimed towards minors. An NFL representative who attended the meeting suggested new age restrictions and banning in-game bets.

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